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Fate of the Timelord - Part 1

Fate of the Timelord - Part 1



The government is corrupt, democracy is no more, anyone who rebels by even talking gets severely punished and hospitality is only for the incumbency Principalities. I know how to fix this but it won’t be easy. And it’s all because of me.


“Living in the 2110th century wasn’t that bad. Teleportation and extreme levels of cloning made food and transport very easy. There was no need for Wi-Fi as we had Li-Fi, networking through waves that travel in light. Humans have developed flying cars without turbines, planes that are able to go to Mars and come back. Rockets and spaceships aren’t the only things that can travel at the speed of light, Jets can too.”

I’ve nearly finished writing in my book of time. I have been recording great inventions from the year 2010. I have been successful in making a time machine, not yet released into public as many people would change the history of time. Besides, it is illegal to fiddle with time and many of the Timelords have been executed, and revived by each other. In 2200 I was one of the Timelords, undercover we have no real Identity other than being a Timelord. When we were being executed, our devices were being destroyed. I acted fast and caused a distraction and grabbed five Time-Watches, distributed among all of us and we disappeared into the Time-Portal. Now, I need to go to the year 2018 from 2100 to finish off my last few articles. I need to be fast as I only have two hours to stay at the time that is a hundred and fifty years earlier from my original time.

As I go to the Year 2018 I bump into some poorly dressed teenaged boys that are wearing old fashion hoodies and they immediately try to intrude my presence. I start walking in opposite direction, they seem to know I am disregarding them. One runs up and tries to push me, instantly he falls backwards due to my Futuristic-Rebel-Fabric. “Puny human, push that hard on my quantum physics test and you still won’t move it an inch” I joke as I use my watch to get away, pause time and walk. I find a local two-dollar coin with Queen Elizabeth’s face imbedded on it. “You’re my lucky coin today.” I unexpectedly walk into the old Shoppoholic Centre, it’s called Westfield right now. Goodness it is small, I thought it was always ten kilometres squared but this one seems three kilometres squared. Inside I see many antique stores, or are they leading in this time? I’m looking for a computer to record valid data for my book article. Found one but, two dollars for one hour. My lucky day! I put in the coin I found and start researching about all the inventions and innovations and note them all down. I found that the plastic-eating enzymes were created in this year! That invention saved humanity! I must avoid all the bias that’s occurring at this era of time. I scan my finished book to record and keep an extra copy of the information with my watch. I go into this store called a Pharmacy and took a sample of the enzyme as they’re free.

I start heading back from when I time travelled as when I travel back I don’t want to suddenly appear in the middle of a street. As I walk, I do realise that time is nearly over I start running as fast as I could as being executed is not a fun experience. I have been dead quite a couple of times but my fellow Timelords revived me. Not this time they won’t. I open the portal, just a few feet ahead of me. And out of all the wonders, a small rock ruins my day. I trip, it is human instinct to let go of everything and stop your chest from the heavy and unstoppable force from hitting the ground. And being a human, I let go of the book. Surely the fall couldn’t have killed me, I wouldn’t take that risk. Not to worry, I have my watch with all the information.

“NO!” my heart skips a beat, I broke my Time-Watch. I inspect it carefully and find it is only minor damage to the wiring. It should take two days to finish. I look around, shouting here and there, the world has changed, am I back to the future or in my own present? I ask a guard who shoved me in the crowd. “It’s the Kings 21st Birthday! I’m letting you go this time, next time you’ll serve in jail.” Wow! This is my time! It has changed from a butterfly to a moth, I sneak out and head for my base, it is the only thing that is the same. Nobody knows where this is except for the other Timelords. I spend the rest of the day fixing my watch and researching what caused such a big change and a disaster? Of course, it must be, but how, who and why?

I need to get that book back!


Author Notes: Feel free to be critical.

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2 May, 2018
Read Time
4 mins
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