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Father, Brother and The World

Father, Brother and The World

By Pipppy12

As she held his hand, gripping it so firmly, a stray tear fell to her cheek. He smiled even though her strict manner was always on his mind. In his pocket lay, the small, yellow water gun, filled with water, aching to be spilled. His sister had given it to him, a gift to avert his mind from his father's sickness. 
"It will be alright. Father will make it and mother will always be here to support us." His sister would whisper into his ears, forming the wide smile plastered on his face. 
The time with his father was short-lived. Being three years old he hadn't yet experienced his first day of kindergarten with him, or witnessed his father screaming on the sidelines at his soccer matches. 
That's why when he passed, he was most dreadful. 
A gap lay between his heart, a hole from his father. 
He was lonely, couldn't smile, couldn't think. 
That's why the water gun was so precious, because it was from his elder sister. From his bright, rosy smile, he could feel the warmth of his sister's heart expand, but also recognize the dread of her soul after he'd finally disappear, just like her father. 
"He has the same disease. I'm sorry..." 
Mother sobbed to his sister. Accepting his fate, she treasured him, held him, made him feel special. Soon his life would've been complete, full and memoriable. 
The hole would heal, his heart would be bound together. 
Then he was overwhelmed by the sickness. His pale face, dark eyes, drooping cheeks. The color had been drained from his face, drained from his heart. 
With his fragile, bony hands he gripped his sister's, feeling her warmth cascade down his flesh. Feeling her pain break into  his heart. 
"Look forward, never look back. Accomplish everything. You spent you're life looking after me, now its you're turn to be protected" His whispers shook her skin, the sparkling tear dropping onto his sister's hand. 
"I love you..."
The last three words he uttered, the last words he wanted the world to hear, to despise. 
His eyes were shut, mouth curved, a peaceful face. He departed smoothly, watching those below him. 
"No! No! No!" His sister's shouts repeated over and over. Her guardian angel was gone, now her brother. 
She touched his hair, feeling the specks of dust in between her fingers, letting the strands run loose. Father had joined her, grieving his son and daughter, watching as everything slowly slipped out of her grasp. 
She stared into the empty space, looking at her father hugging her brother and welcoming into the new realm. 
Two people, two halves, two worlds. That's all that remained. They're family never lasted, the mother slowly passing a few years after her son's death. 
The sickness spread, an epidemic to the world, embracing everyone who was swallowed in the poisonous air. 
On the hill she stood. Blonde hair dancing in the cold, daft wind. The leaf crumpled in her fingers, the various bones breaking, shattering to the ground. 
The only word she'd convince herself to mutter. 
Would it be soon? If the world no loner crumbled, no longer perished would it be so soon? She stared out into the winter skies, and the slender trees. Analysed the grey clouds, and watched as the grass dodged the incoming rain. Studied her surroundings, like a long lost adventurer. 
She was all alone, immune from the sickness. So she walked away, into the darkness behind her, embracing the monsters lurking in the shadows, welcoming her presence in the upcoming world. 

Author Notes: I hope you like it. Maybe this is what the world might come down to. Can't believe I was only 11 when I wrote this.

A story by CJ Doumanis

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About This Story
26 Jun, 2014
Read Time
3 mins
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