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A Father's Will

A Father's Will

By vbnbama

With an open hand, I stretched my fingers out wide and placed my palm flat against the church piano. I could no longer hear but I knelt behind a Deacon and felt the song that was playing on those ivory keys. I had not thought too much about church prior to arriving because I never have any sort of expectations for the place, it's different every time I go. Although the general assembly and structure is the same, I never leave there the same as I walked in. But let's back up a bit...

Today, as we watched two young fathers with mics in their hands sing so beautifully that visions were completely blurred by tears that poured from eyes of those watching. I watched one of the handsome Dads lift his hand up as The Spirit filled him. The preacher's daughter walked up to the alter and she knelt down to pray as she too had been moved by The Spirit. Without thinking at all, sinner after sinner walked up to the front, and the piano played on.

I, being one of the sinners who walked up front, felt the vibrations of the music move through me. I was briefly taken back to a time when I prayed for my unborn daughter to be deaf. Feeling life, was a way of life for us at the time since my first born had no hearing. I practically begged the Lord to make her deaf too so he wouldn't feel so alone. Life had completely slowed down for us and although it was hard, hard had taught us the true meaning of life, and shown me God. Those first few years of my son's life had brought more blessings with each hardship we faced and it was all I had known as a parent.

It just wasn't my Father's will at the time. She was born hearing and although saddened for a brief moment, I rejoiced in the fact she was a healthy baby. We loved her as a hearing child just as we had loved our son as a deaf one. One day, God decided that she would be deaf also. I had settled in the fact she was an average, common child when He chose to show me otherwise...and again, life slowed.

Some of my most favorite memories, proudest moments, and greatest achievements, have been feeling my Father's will. It's one thing to do it, but when you feel it, it's a whole other story.

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23 Aug, 2011
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2 mins
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