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Faulty Body

Faulty Body

By nikki

Felicity’s POV

I sit there at the doctors and my doctors name is Dr. Luella. She has brown hair deep brown eyes square glasses and wears tight pencil skirts and a pretty florescent pink shirt. I look and she holds an envelope that reads “Results Confidential”. I look she smiles softly and says. “Hi Felicity.” I smile sweetly and say.

“Hello Dr.” She looks and opens the envelope and says.

“I’m sorry Felicity you have Luhkemia, but we caught it in time and I’m gonna try to get you some chemo started right away.” I stare down the only word rushing through my mind.

“Luhkemia, Luhkemia, Luhkemia.” I shake my head crying and say.

‘You’re lying.” She shakes her head and hands the papers over and my hands shake and I read the word over and over.

“Luhkemia Luhkemia.” I start to shake my head and say.

“alright…I-I’ll get back with you.” I get in the elevator and look at the disfigured image reflection. My blue eyes had dark circles around them my caramel colored hair in a bun and wearing a jacket and sweat pants. I wipe my eyes and walk out. I get in the car laying my head and sit up and shake my head saying. “No not me not me I will not let this ‘disease’ or Doctor destroy my chance at graduating a cheer leader.” I start the car and yawn and cough roughly and back up and drive to the school for practice. I get to a stop light and turn on the radio and cough more and the light turns green. I speed through and get to the school throwing my bag down. I smile and my friend with red hair pale skin and freckles and blue eyes her name is Abigail Lewis. She runs up to me and grabs my hands she lurches her hands away and says.

“You’re freezing.” I look grabbing my hands and say.

“Really?” I shrug and smile putting my bun into a pony tail and taking my jacket off. She looks at my arm and says.

“Oh my god…Fel that bruise is still there from like 2 weeks ago from the game.” I look and smile.

“Must be a deep bruise huh?” I see my boyfriend sitting there I fix my self and walk up and smile he frowns and says.

“What’s with your eyes?” I look at him frowning and he says.

“You look like a 40-year-old single mom.” I frown and say.

“How dare you.” I walk away and into the bathroom and go bathroom and look in the mirror and see I have a nose bleed. I grab a piece of paper towel and hold it to my nose. I look at the door and sigh. The blood stops and I walk out and start the routines. I get dizzy and fall when doing a flip. Abigail looks at me and coach walks in she runs to me and says.

“C’mon Felicity.” She helps me up and I tug away and say.

“I’m fine.” Coach frowns and walks to her seat sitting down sighing. I look around and everyone is staring at me and Abigail says.

“You’re nose…is uh bleeding.” I look touching my nose and run off and start crying. I get in my car and by that small run. I’m dizzy and gasping for air my chest burning and my throat dry. I feel the blood dripping and I grab a paper towel and hold it to my nose and cry. I lay my head on the steering wheel and get it controlled and drive home yawning. When I get home I walk in having a coughing fit and go in my room laying there. I get tired and fall asleep.

3 hours later

I wake up in a hospital a women taking my pulse. I look around blinking a bit and groan. The women with the tag saying ‘STNA’ she says. “Your dad brought you because he said you were gasping and had a rattling breath.” I look and nod and look at the door. My dad starts crying and the doctor walks in.

“Alright thanks marge, Hi Felicity I have some uh tests from your doctor and I looked at them and me and the doctor came to a conclusion. I’m sorry we will try meds but the estimated time we are going to give you is 3 weeks.” I start to cry and say. “M-my graduation is in 2 ½ months.” The doctor smiles and says.

“We’ll get your doctor in here since he’s done your testing. We are gonna keep you here over night to monitor you.” I nod and look away and fall asleep. I wake up again and look around seeing my boyfriend he smiles I look.

“Hi, I’m sorry for being cranky earlier.” He rubs my head and smiles and says.

“It’s okay Fel.” I smile and grab his hands my hands pale. He smiles and rubs my hand with his thumb saying. “You are freezing.” I frown and look down.

“I have Luhkemia, but I think it’s a mess up” He nods and says.

“I know, your dad told me.” I nod and say.

“Wait…where is dad?” He frowns and says.

“He went to the waiting room don’t you remember him telling you before you fell asleep?” I blink and say.

“You were here?” He nods and says.

“I was sitting by you?” I blink and look away and gasp and cough more and my chest hurting I say raspingly.

“Set my head up please.” He sets my head up I start to get a nose bleed and he calls for a nurse. An Rn runs in and gets me gauze under my nose and a STNA comes in changing my gown and giving me a warm blanket. I shiver and they look checking my feet and the nurse checks my bruise and the STNA says.

“Rose. She has a cut on her ankle.” I look down at it and see it saying.

“How did I get that?” The nurse smiles saying.

“Might just not have realized it.” I nod she gets a band aid and cleans the cut and puts on the band aid and says. “There you go I’ll come back in a minute and see if the bleeding stops.” I nod and sit there watching TV. The nurse kept her word because she came in and checked it and saw it stopped bleeding she takes off the gauze and smiles. “Marge will come and clean you up and get some vitals for me.” I nod she walks out getting hand sanitizer in her hands. I look at the water and try to reach for it and the STNA walks in and says.

“Let me get that for ya sweets.” She had a strong country accent and curly black hair I cough and say.

“Thank you. “I take a sip and had a tough time swallowing she takes my pulse and shakes her head.

“Your pulse is so weak sweets.” I look at her and she than takes my blood pressure it was down below 120/80 usually its 125/82. I look at her she starts to put my hand on my chest her hand on my back and counts every time I breathe I furrow my eye brows and say.

“What’s that for?” She smiles and says.

“Its to see how ya breathin sweets.” I nod and once she’s done she looks at a paper and charts stuff and says. “Hmm you are only getting 10 in there...” I look raising my eye brows.”

“I-Is that good?” She looks and sighs.

“I’ll get the nurse to answer that sweets.” I nod and lay back she looks at me. “Have a good day.” I nod and she hands me the call bell. She opens a mint green curtain and smiles at me and waves bye. I wave bye and lean back and see my dad walk in him having a cup of coffee his eyes blood shot and his hair messed up. He starts crying and says.

“My sweet baby.” I look crying and say.

“Daddy I’m scared.” He walks up holding me and pets my hair the doctor walks in and says.

“Here is your first treatment.” He gives me this ‘treatment’ in a iv type thing and says. “Once we get two treatments in, I’ll dismiss you…is that your wish?” I nod and smile and say.

“Yes.” After the treatment I fall asleep.

Next day

I wake up puking and sicker than a dog. The RN I had a different one but same STNA this RN name was Suzette Mallin. I look at her and smile and fall back to sleep it seems all I do now is sleep. I wake and look and see a commercial for the thing called ‘Make a wish’ foundation. I smile and the STNA Marge walks in and says. “Hi sweets.” I smile and say.

“Hi Marge.” She smiles and starts to wash my face I say. “Hey marge what’s that?” She looks and sees and smiles saying.

“Make a wish.” I look and she starts washing my arms and I say.

“Could I do that?” She smiles and nods and I say. “My wish would be to graduate. “She looks and rubs my hair and says.

“Oh sweets…” She rubs my hair and sits there and rubs my hand softly. “You are a pretty young women and you got some fight. Don’t give up now.” I nod and smile and hold back tears and say.

“I am glad you believe in me. “She pats my hand and smiles softly and says.

“I am here for you.” I nod and she washes my other arm and says. “Any thing else you need?” I look and say.

“Could I go maybe get out of the room?” She looks smiling and says.

“Let me go look at your care plan.” I nod she cleans up the mess and smiles and hands me a call light and checks the RN and Doctor walks in along with Marge she is my favorite she says. “Dr. Luella says you may be put in a wheel chair and wheeled around the hall for half an hour every 2 days.” I nod smiling and Marge puts a weird belt on me and helps me up and sits me gently in the wheel chair and covers me up and unlocks the breaks. She wheels me around for a bit and hums a bit. I see my dad I wave he walks beside me and says. “I heard you asked about make a wish?” I nod and he smiles. “I called and have told the wish that Marge told me you said and they said they’d get back to me.” I smile and say.

“They are gonna let me graduate!” He chuckles and says. “They said they would get back baby.” I look and lean back and cough and my nose starts bleeding and I get dizzy Marge stays and gets a hold of the nurse and she gets me gauze to hold and I get back in and frown and say. “That was nice.” Marge looks and says.

“You were out for 5 minutes?” I smile and say.

“5 minutes of not being in bed is great.” She smiles and says.

“How long have you been sick sweets?” I look and say.

“Well I had nose bleeds randomly since I turned 16 and we thought nothing of it so didn’t get checked than I get bruised a lot and just had iron supplements and stuff that worked than couple weeks ago I woke up and fell down the stairs from dizziness and went to the ER and well they say I’m under weight so my doc checked for this stupid disease…can I go bathroom?” Marge looks nodding and gets me to the bathroom only a small bit. She looks reporting and stuff. She looks and helps me up and stuff and into bed. I sleep for another hour.

2 weeks later

I didn’t get out I kept having to go back. Dad would take me for a sniffle. I sit there reading a letter sweating like mad but I was in 3 heat blankets, still cold. I read a letter I got its from make a wish. I than see a letter from the school the RN walks in and I look up. I lost all my long carmal hair but The favorite RN Rose and my STNA Marge still calls me beautiful…even when I think I am not. They smile and say. “Felicity looks like you get out for a day. “I smile big and marge helps me get dressed in a pretty long summer dress and Rose gets the IVS out my arms bruised from the needles she bandages them and I get in the wheel chair smiling and my boyfriend waits at the door he takes off his hat he has a shaved head. I cry and put my hand over my mouth he hugs me kissing my cheek and helps me in we drive to the school hundreds there cheering for me. I smile and look around and get wheeled in the gym to see a cap and gown. A woman with a shirt that says ‘MAKE A WISH’ and my dad crying holding my little sister. I cry more and cough shivering and I get wheeled up the stage and get my diploma and cry my wish came true.

1 hour later

When I get back to the hospital with my dad and boyfriend and little sister she sits in the waiting room. I fall asleep smiling.

Dad’s POV

I sit there crying watching them try to bring her back she hasn’t signed a DNR order yet. She was going to tomorrow. I look the doctor walks out and says. “I’m sorry.” I cry and walk in grabbing my babies hand her jaw open marge closes it softly and say.

“You got to graduate baby congrats...” I wipe my eyes and kiss her forehead and walk out and say. “I love you baby.”

Author Notes: just to give some clearing the mom isnt in the picture cause she divorced her husband (Fel's dad) I just couldn't put it in didnt have much time to explain it this was for a project at my school but i wanted to share it to here.

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