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Fear in Paradise

Fear in Paradise

By ddhanson

Fear in Paradise

It was our third day in Fiji and I found myself standing on the reef in my bikini and tennis shoes, waterproof camera in hand, about 150 feet from shore when I noticed something swim past me in the water below. Standing on the reef, the water only came up to my ankles, but the tide was slowing moving in to shore. My boyfriend was about a hundred feet further out, surfing the break. I looked down and I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was a shark!

I’ve always had a fascination with sharks and had seen enough documentaries on them to realize this shark was only two and a half feet long and a baby shark but that they can shred your skin with those razor-sharp teeth. Standing there on the reef, frozen in fear for what was probably about ten minutes, I decided I needed to make a move soon before the tide came in any further. The water below me was about two feet deep and I would have to run through it to get to shore. Nobody will ever believe
this I thought, I need a photo to back up my story. I waited until the shark was in view again and as it swam by I snapped a picture. I waited until I could barely see it in the distance, but knew it was still swimming in the same direction, away from me, and I jumped into the water! I took off so fast and feverishly that I found myself lifting my knees up high above the water with every leap. By the time I got to shore I broke down in laughter at how funny this must have looked.

The picture of the shark turned out great.

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8 Aug, 2011
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