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Feeling Like a Ghost
Feeling Like a Ghost

Feeling Like a Ghost


What to do when you're feeling lost and lonely? That's a question I ask myself almost every day I wake up with tears in my eyes from the late night session of me listening to the song you dedicated to me when you told me you loved me and kissed me. He made me feel wanted and like I existed. Now all of that is gone, all I'm left with is sadness, anger, and loneliness. It sucks that I don't have my person anymore and it sucks that my friends don't notice when I'm drowning in my own cold empty dark hole. Why is it that every time I'm doing good someone just has to pull me back to the start. Why am I so sensitive now, I used to be so strong. I just wish for someone to come into my life, to make me feel like the most precious girl, for me to cuddle with, to go on late night adventures, to have the same interests as me, for someone for me to love as much as they love me. I feel like I deserve better, all this hate literally doesn't make sense. This karma has the wrong person and it sucks that it doesn't realize it. It sucks that I can't listen to my favorite songs because I cry, It sucks I don't have better friends, It sucks that I don't have a lover, It really sucks how I keep rewatching glee because I can't get over the fact that Finn and Rachel didn't ended up together. You're going to be okay, one day you'll have something good and special. Telling myself that isn't even working anymore. You can say I'm broken, but still working while wishing for better.

Author Notes: I haven't been active lately, but that's going to change yolo!!!

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8 Nov, 2019
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