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Feeling the highest level of pain for the night and wake up tomorrow a

Feeling the highest level of pain for the night and wake up tomorrow a

By adhie12

Isn't it funny how something that feels so right suddenly turns out to be the nightmare that you're so afraid to face?

I've been wondering about this thing all along for a long time now.. Why all of a sudden the happy and contented couples around me would eventually look up to me just to cry their heart out, swearing they'll never love again.. Why do they always end up unhappy while mending their own broken heart..? What went wrong?

As I tried to figure out this things alone, I became observant to the people around me. Could it be that they lack trust and faith to their partners? Or that the other party had found someone else? It is also not bad to assume that the other party felt the absence of love?

In fairness to those who already experience this kind of situation, maybe they really loved their partner. It's just so happen that no matter how hard they tried to fight for that love and relationship, that no matter how they tried to save it, it is just really not meant to last.

It has always been like that, we keep on pursuing things that is not meant for us.. We find it hard to fanthom, or rather, we understand but we keep on going that's why most of the time, We end up bruised and badly hurt..

Think about this, why don't we just wait for the right person for us? That person who will treat us as their own gem? Wait for the right time? Maybe we're just impatient but why don't we just be happy being single, make the most out of it, be beautiful, so that when that person show up and offer us everything under sun, we'll be proud of ourselves because we made it..
To wait with a patient heart..

God promises us all the best things that life could offer. It's just that we are so impatient that when we see a good one we keep on grabing it and claiming it is for us.

It is happy being single.
Enjoy life while you're single 'coz when the time comes for you to be with your partner, you'll never have regrept.
Life is simple, just don't make it complicated, make GOD the center of your life.
You'll see, you'll never be hurt.

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12 Nov, 2010
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