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Fictional Love
Fictional Love

Fictional Love

fazakasmateMáté Fazakas
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There was I, holding her in my hands. The setting was almost perfect; we were just gazing into the sunset. The water at our feet was like a street made out of pure sunlight. Several minutes passed before one of us finally had to say something: “Isn’t this beautiful?”- she said. I just looked at her, she was still looking into the sun and the orange light reflected form her eyes. I did not say a thing, as we both knew the answer and frankly, I did not know what i could have said. After about an hour, the sun disappeared behind the mountains.

“So, what do you plan on doing tomorrow?”- I asked hoping to get a positive answer.

“I don’t know yet”-she said, turning her head at me.

“Why? Have you already made plans for tomorrow?”-she said with a cynical tone to it.

“Well, you know, maybe we could hang out tomorrow, go eat at a fancy restaurant somewhere and then end the day in my room. What do you think?”- I said waving my eyebrows.

“Sure, you keep imagining while you can”- she said smiling.

After a somewhat awkward silence i thought "I have to save this..."

“Ok, how about this? We take a nice walk at the coast and I am going to do what I am the best at: tell you more of my stories. Huh? What do you think?” - I said but with an uncertain voice.

“Oh, so I get to hear the sequel of the story about that girl you met in 10th grade?” - she said, while still holding an eye contact

“Maybe”- I said in a teasing voice. Man I wasn't confident with this one.

She just smiled and I did too, mostly out of getting uncomfortable.

“Ok, let’s do that than” - she said turning her attention back to the ocean.

I did as well. There was no need for words anymore, we just embraced the moment i guess.

Suddenly she looked at me, I could tell by the way she was looking at me: she wanted to tell me something. The setting was perfect, the orange glowing sky, the waves hitting our feet, I just… felt it. Her look turned into a very serious one, my heart started to pick up pace…

Damn, where was I again? Oh, yeah… this book… page 68… the second sentence… Oh boy, this is going to be a long night, isn’t it? Ok, let’s hit replay and continue reading…

Author Notes: This is what happens, when I try to read a book that is not interesting in any way. My imagination goes wild and sometimes I stop to take my time to write it down.

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About The Author
Máté Fazakas
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29 Jan, 2017
Fantasy, Romance

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