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hannahmaehhannahmae harris

Little did I know that the first day I saw you was only the beginning. Everything started as a secret crush. But it never grew into anything bigger , we both had our own partners. Both damaging us , one physically, the other mentally. They weren't evil people , they didn't realize the damage. We talked and talked everyday , growing this bond that was meant to happen.

Everyday I hid the bruises and the pain my partner was causing. I didn't want you to get upset. I pretended I was okay and continued to laugh and smile with you as we walked around the track. I didn't want you to know I was broken. You asked for my number , but I knew that if i did that him finding out would cause so much pain onto me. So i declined.

One day I disappeared. And we grew into strangers all over again. I missed you at first but then sadly forgot from the trauma my partner was causing. I began to destroy my skin and my soul. I felt worthless and lost control of my own thoughts. Moved to a hotel and slept on a air mattress. I was going to end myself.

Then! I saw a profile pop up . It was you! I followed and I texted so quickly . I needed you, I missed you, I couldn't believe it was you. You loved me . And I loved you. You loved me even though I had no home, even though I wasn't mentally stable. You loved me for me. The person you remembered me to be , the happy me, the real me. I missed you. So much.

Author Notes: thank you for reading :)

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hannahmae harris
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15 Nov, 2019
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1 min
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