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Final Destination 1 (2000) Death Scenes

Final Destination 1 (2000) Death Scenes

By 96lw15

Final Destination 1 is a film about a group of students who go on a plane and Alex (Main character) Has a vision/premonition about it crashing so the people who get off have cheated death and they all die a different way! It is a great film rated 15+ as the deaths are gory which I will explain them here! I hope you enjoy!

1 - Everybody gets on the plane and Alex sees cracks and dents on the plane and the weather isn't great! They get going and everyone starts cheering then it doesn't turn out well! It gets bumpy and luggage falls onto people then the left side of the plane explodes and some people and seats fly out then everybody else gets incinerated/burned to death! This does happen but people get off before it really does!

2 - Tod is first to go after the memorial. He is in his bathroom doing stuff and some water drips out the toilet. The bathroom door shuts as death is after him so nobody else can hear! Alex gets annoyed and throws a magazine which cuts up into the fan and a piece of it lands on him which says 'Tod' on it! Alex runs to Tod's house before it's too late! Tod goes to put his clothes on the line and slips on the water and the shower line goes around his neck several times causing it to get tighter and strangle him...He tries to reach for the scissors but he's centimetres off! After around 2mins he looses oxygen and is killed. His family thinks he took his own life!

3 - Terry is next and Carter & Alex are falling out and she tries to stop them but says "I've had enough, you can't keep treating me like this...STOP!...Next time you see me, I hope you'll just drop fucking dead!" Then she walks into the road and gets hit by a fast-moving bus and blood squirts all over Valerie Lewton's face!

4 - Mrs Valerie Lewton is actually next and she is in her home happily then sees Death (Black shadows) in the reflection of her kettle and gets scared and throws hot water all over the floor as she thought somebody was there...After she says "Get control of yourself Valerie" to herself and reaches for the fridge for champange. As she puts it in her cup splits at the bottom and as she walkes across her room with it dripping all over the floor she leans over the computer to put it down and the drink drips down into the electricity. She hears it crackling and sees it smoking so she goes closer to it and the shards fly into her throat and blood is dripping all over the floor, she stumbles to the kitchen and as the electricity sparks again it follows the trail of blood and alcohol causing it to set on fire and as she gets near the kitchen the fire gets bigger and goes over the alcohol bottle and it explodes as she falls on the floor. She then reaches for the towel which is on top of a knife stack, with a bloody arm she slowly tries to pull it down and it slips and the knives fall onto her chest, as she screams for help...Alex runs in and tries to help her but as her kitchen explodes it causes the chair to fall onto the knife in her chest forcing it down. Alex tries to pull it out and drops it on the floor. As he notices it makes it look like he killed her, he runs out of the house fast and it explodes.

5 - Billy is next, him and Carter are arguing over who is next and Carter is driving then he gives up and goes crazy and drives like a maniac then takes his hands off the wheel and in the end stops on the middle of the train track whilst the barriers go down. Billy, Alex & Clear all get out the car and as the train comes closer they persuade Carter to come out and say "Don't do this!" As it gets even closer Alex shouts "Don't make ME do this!" What he means it to save him, Carter gets scared and wants to get out and his seatbelt won't come undone and his door won't open so Alex comes to drag him out and the train gets so close to them but they make it out and the car gets smashed along the track and Billy has a go at him and Carter says "Shut up Billy" but he stands near the fast train and a shrapnel from underneath clashes against the wheels and flies up and decapitates/beheads him at his jawline! His head rolls away and his body collapses.

ENDING - 6months later Alex, Carter & Clear go to Paris and are happy that they lived through it and there starts to be signs of death and Alex walks off and nearly gets killed by a swinging sign but he gets thrown out the way by Carter quick enough and then Carter says "It skipped you, who's next?" And the sign comes from behind him and he gets smashed/killed!

Hope this has helped you - If you are confused then watch the deaths on YouTube or watch the movie just make sure you are over 15!

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29 Feb, 2012
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