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By djreed7100 - 1 Review

Ems met Jimmy in an innocent enough way.  Jimmy is friends with her cousin and that's how they met.  It was a hot weekend night.  Work the next day need not to be attended.  Ems felt something for Jimmy right away.  Jimmy seemed not to notice.  Meanwhile Ems began her plan of attack right away.  Ems figured simply to get him drunk and get in to his pants.  A simple yet effective angle at that but, would it work?  Ems is a pretty girl so chances are.  Carefree laughter and Ems beautiful smile was her ammo.  Jimmy adored this attention but did not make it to plain to see.  Every time there's a moment, Jimmy backs the momentum up by cutting a rug with somebody, usually her cousin, Johnny.  A joke here there and everywhere.  It was a delicate situation that always seemed to lead back to Ems and Jimmy eyeing each other in a way only they understand.  It was going to happen.  Just how and when was the question.  
The bar tab was issued to Jimmy.  He took twenty bucks from Johnny, nothing from Ems. 
Johnny drove them back to his place, twelve pack in tow.  They yukked it up a bit, inhaled some white powder and watched a sketch over and over again from Saturday night live.  The Chris Farley cow bell performance.  It was so side splitting that Johnny couldn't take any more and went to bed. 
Ems say's to Jimmy nearly right after Johnny disappears, 'you wanna go to my place?'  'Sure', Jimmy say's.  Jimmy had a bag on him.  They snorted lime after line.  Ems stared in to space.  Jimmy stared at her.  Jimmy dropped a pen off the side of the computer table.  Ems watched and looked earnestly at Jimmy to pick it up.  Jimmy retorted this action with words, 'while your down there,' he said.  At this point in the night it seems appropriate Jimmy thought.  Ems just laughed then she pulled at Jimmy's pants by the button as if she wanted to unzip them yet looking for confirmation.  No problem there Jimmy said to himself.  Ten minutes later they went back to do more lines then unzip again.  this went on for an hour or so.  Then came the bedroom action, more hours went by.  Loving, fucking and sucking.  Ten years went by like this with no commitment for either one of them.  Only commitment they had was to pleasure each other.  This world is filled with enough shit.  This action was not shit.  Pure unadulterated pleasuring.  The loving would come one day when Ems called Jimmy from the hospital claiming she was in there for brain surgery.  Jimmy felt instantly that he could lose her for good.  That couldn't happen, he would not let it happen.  He quickly dropped everything he was doing and proceeded to venture out to this hospital, not knowing exactly where it was.  Jimmy found it.  The amount of emotion was overwhelming.  From this point on Jimmy cared for Ems as if she were the only one.  She is the only one. 

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6 Aug, 2015
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