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Find Our Way to Heaven
Find Our Way to Heaven

Find Our Way to Heaven

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5 days after meeting

Girl: She looked at him knowing that she loved him. She had only known him for 5 days and already she was ready to completely give it all to him. Something about him about those deep brown eyes that she could just stare into for hours. She didn't want to look at the truth though. She was young, He was young. They would never be together. He lived thousands of miles away. In two days he would have to go back home, they would never see each other again. But for now she wouldn't think about that she would just stare into those eyes that she could never have..... she knew he didn't love her

Boy: He looked at her, she was so beautiful. He had only known her 5 days and he knew something about her was different than all the others. He felt this connection everytime he was near her. He knew he didn't have a chance with her though. He knew she didn't love him, He knew in two days he was going to leave and go home and that he would NEVER see her again. He caught her looking at him into his eyes. He thought she was just goofing around but oh how he wished she was thinking about loving him. He stared back into those deep dark blue eyes he could never have..... he knew she didn't love him

1 week after meeting

Girl: The day June 27th had come the day she had kept putting out of her head. The day he would leave. She would never see him again. She didn't know what to say. She loved him so much. The night before she had cried her heart out, She didn't want him to leave EVER. She wanted to pull him into a hug and tell him how much he meant to her. She wanted him to love her back. She couldnt keep him there though. It was time for last goodbyes. Somehow she kept a steady face as her eyes pooled with tears behind her sunglasses. She quickly hugged him after all they were at least friends she hoped. She let go would that be the last time she ever held him? "bye I will miss you" she said. The next thing he said broke her heart. "Well yeah, I guess the next time we will see each other is when we are dead huh?" She knew it was true and what he said proved it all. It proved he didn't care to see her any longer. Maybe she had made it too clear that she liked him. Maybe he was annoyed at her? Her heart was shattered. She said goodbye quickly and turned arund and walked away.... She never looked back.

Boy: It was the day he would leave. June 27th. The day he would leave the beautiful state of Tennessee and the day he would leave the beautiful girl. The night before he was up packing and staring off into the distance. Wishing she loved him back. Most girls swooned over him like idiots trying to give him all they had. She had just been there looking more beautiful than any girl he had ever seen, She was the one for him. Everything he had ever hoped for was like a long beautiful list he had been searching for and suddenly he had found everything he needed. It was all in one person. One pure, beautiful person. She approached him to say their final farewells. She was smiling, when he was leaving. He knew she didn't love him. He knew she never would. She hugged him and said something he didn't really hear. It was like there were billions of voices inside his head saying TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL! but he decided not to listen. Instead he told her "Well yeah, I guess the next time we will see each other is when we are dead huh?" He wanted to slap himself take it back he told himself you have no more time left not even 5 seconds tell her the TRUTH! but he just stood there. Like he didn't love her. She stopped smiling. That is when he saw it, the small tear roll down her cheek from under her sun glasses. She said goodbye and turned around. It was that tear, that changed everything. He had had her. And he was an idiot and let go. She had loved him....... but she never looked back and he stood there shocked and parylized with regret.

1 month after he left

Girl: She watched the rain fall. She rarely smiled unless she was around others. He consumed her mind and she felt like an idiot. She had tried once, decided to text him and realized he had deleted his number. She had no way to talk to him except through letter she didn't have the courage to write him though. She always knew that words were strong but she never knew how much you could learn by somebody saying a single sentance. She was tired. He filled her dreams at night and during the day she daydreamed about these fake dates they could have done, about getting married. That was the only time she ever smiled. But she knew those things would never happen. So whenever her eyes were dried up she would watch it rain and imagine all the raindrops as her tears. It made her feel better that the sky was also sad.

Boy: What had he done he asked himself every single day. Why hadn't he spoken, she loved him at that one moment. Now for all he knew she had moved on to a guy like him only one who would speak his heart. And tell her everything. One who loved her. He still loved her with all his heart. Sometimes he would just start thinking about HER. and hours would pass without him realizing. His love for her was stronger than I can tell you. He had deleted his phone number because she never called and he wanted it to seem like he didn't have a number to call her. He had her adress. He hung it up on his wall. Someday when he was stronger he would send her a letter. He was just too weak to mess up with her again.

5 years later

Girl: She sill thought about him every day. Whenever it would rain she would watch it and remember how he didn't love her. But for some reason she still loved him. One day after 3 years she worked up the courage to write him. She wrote him once every two weeks. At first they were just friendly, and later they talked about her endless love she had for him. Although he didn't live at the same address she would send the letter and have it sent back in a new envelope that said RETURN TO SENDER. They hadn't been read by him. But she felt stronger by sending him the letters. She herself still lived at the same place. Her mother had died of cancer and her father was doing unwell over grief. He faded further to death every day. Whenever he got closer to dying she would remember when the boy had told her that they would meet again when they were both dead. Sometimes she liked to think to herself and say maybe one day we will be together again. But then she stopped herself. She didn't want to hurt herself more.

Boy: The boy had grown up. He gotten a job and lived in the same house he had. After a year he tried to write her but never sent the letter. After that he wrote her most everyday and he never sent the letters. He stored them all in shoeboxes. After 3 years he received a letter from her. It hurt him because it was just a friendly letter. He didn't want anymore so he placed it in a new envelope and stamped it RETURN TO SENDER. To make her believe he had never received it. After that every two weeks he kept receiving more letters from her. Later they talked about her love for him. He would scan and copy the letters but he would still return the original letter. He told himself it would be more painful to start a relationship now. Later the letters from her talked about her thinking he didn't love her. It hurt him if only he could reply and say I DO LOVE YOU! if only she knew, but it had been 5 years. He still wrote to her every day and eventually he had many shoeboxes full of the letters he wouldnt ever send her. One day he went through all the letters, he sorted them from the first letter he wrote her to the last. He loved her so much. If she were to ever read the letters he wanted her to be able to read them in order as he wrote them. And all he wanted was for her to read them.

30 years after he left

Girl: On her 46th birthday she sat alone tired. She was getting old and she had never loved anyone else. She had never marred never loved anything other than the boy. She hadn't heard from him at all ever in 30 years. He never loved her and on her birthday she sat alone. Regretting why she was sitting alone. Regretting why she had wasted ALL HER YOUNG LIFE loving someone who didn't love her. Every birthday she had she decorated and set two chairs out. Hoping the boy might come and visit her. But he never showed up

The girls 50th birthday

Girl: Her 50th birthday. She was half a century old. She sat a table that had room for two chairs but only had one. She sat in a house that had room for a happy family, but only she lived there. She had a heart built for two but only one person was lost in it. It looked as if it were going to rain soon. She looked out and remembered all the rains she had wasted thinking about that boy. Although he ruined her life and left her with nothing, She still wrote him every two weeks. She still cried every June 27th. She never forgot him. She always loved him for some strange reason. She was ready to give up. Every letter she had sent him that had been returned sat in a pile near the fireplace. She would throw them all in the fire and burn them. Every memory she had of him she wished she could burn to. He never loved her and yet she had loved him all these 34 years. She would think back and wonder why she loved him. Why did she? She loved him, he didn't love her, she loved him, he didn't love her, she loved him.....he didn't love her. She stood up to go begin the fire. She loved him, he didn't love her. She loved him, he didn't love her. The doorbell rang she ignored it. She loved him, he never loved her The fire was blazing as she was just about to throw the first letter in the doorbell rang again. She got up and opened the door she jumped back a little. There on her doorstep were hundreds of shoeboxes each labeled with a month and a year. The deliverer ran up to the porch with the last one. I am so sorry ma'am, for disturbing you where should I put these though? They are labeled to your adress and there is a letter that goes along Max wanted me to give it to you. The girls head shot up MAX? as in Max Ruffes? "Uh" she looked down for a second. yes ma'am these are all from him. They are ALL from Max? yes ma'am. The deliverer helped her bring the many boxes in and left. The girl slowly sat down. And began to cry she cried for hours. Why only now after 34 years had he contacted her. And why had he contacted her? After many hours crying she opened the envelope slowly and read.

Ms. Brooklyn Tidale

I am sorry.

-Max Ruffes

The girl then through streaming tears decided to see what was in the shoeboxes. She set them out by year and month. She read all through the day and all through the night. She fell asleep reading the letters an when she woke up she read some more. She went through this for several days until finishing ALL the letters. He wrote her approximately 360 times a year. Most everyday day for 33 years. After she finished she wrote him back. And she never ever recieved again an envelope that said RETURN TO SENDER. She only received letters from him talking about his life.


Max and Brooklyn (the boy and the girl) decided to never meet again. After all they were old and heaven was coming up. That is of course when they would see each other next right? The boy and the girl both went to bed one night. And the next morning they both didn't wake up. They found their way to heaven and now they live happily ever after in each others arms. They arent scared to tell each other things. Because now they both know they DO LOVE EACH OTHER.

Don't wait until it is to late to tell someone how much you love, how much you care. Because when they're gone no matter how loud you shout and cry, they won't hear you anymore. -anonymous

Author Notes: Always tell someone when you love them or else, be stuck with the hope you will get the chance again.

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