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Finding Jason
Finding Jason

Finding Jason

Dari-the-bookwormDari Poulson
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I groggily look at my boots, wondering what had happened. I swear I was supposed to be looking for Jason. Not tied up to a huge sycamore.

My head cleared. Why was I tied up? How had I gotten here?

My feet were buried under a thick blanket of snow that covered the entire forest around me. My pack was on the ground next to me open wide and covered in snow. Dang it. I would have to dry everything.

I decided to not waste my magic to unbind myself. I shook the snow off my hood and started to wiggle the knife strapped to my arm in my hands, and after a struggle, I was able to start sawing the ropes binding me onto the sycamore.

Large flakes fell softly around me falling onto my eyelashes and getting into my eyes. Finally, I felt the rope fall around my feet and I was free. I picked up my pack and turned around.

To my surprise, a spear was pointing in my face and I backed up. The boy who was holding the spear was tall and handsome, with tall cheekbones, blue eyes, Shaggy black hair, and thousands of little freckles that covered his cheeks and nose. He was wearing a cloak similar to mine.

For a moment we just glared at each other like we were worse enemies. After a second of looking at his handsome face, I knew who he was. I thought about using my magic to beat him up but decided to do it the old fashioned way. I backed up, dropping my pack and quickly drawing my short sword and then I lunged at him swiping at his face. He backed up and used his spare to block the blow, so instead of slashing his face in half, I cut his spear in half.

He tossed aside the half of spear he held and drew a longsword, He stepped forward and slashed toward my middle. I ducked out of the way and lunged at him, knocking his sword out of his hand. Snow flew around us I kicked him in the stomach, causing him to fall to the ground. put my blade an inch away from his throat.

"JASON BARNS IM GOING TO KILL YOU!" I scream at him. I tried to sound angry, but inside I was screaming with joy. I had found Jason.

Jason started laughing. The sound was loud and clear, and I blushed as I thought of how handsome is voice was. I helped him up and he hugged me.

“I'm sorry! I saw you sleeping in your camp and had to do it! Did you use your magic to cheat?” Jason said as he brushed snow off of him.

“Of course not a dummy! I could be you without a single weapon or magic! Just my bare hands.”

"I bet you could! I should have thought of that before I tied you up." He grinned.

It was great to see Jason again. He had grown us so much since I had seen him two years ago.

“I can believe you escaped my ropes without magic!” He exclaimed.

“Why did you tie me up?” I asked angerly.

“For fun. I wanted to see how you would get out of them.”

“I hate you, Jason.”

“I know!”

Author Notes: Hey guys! So after writing "The Final Goodbye" I wanted to write more with Jason. I mean, you didn't get the real Jason in that story. You got a half dead and dying Jason in that story. I wanted to show that he was a fun character that I love to bits. (I feel like a murderer) I hope you guys like not dead (or dying) Jason!

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About The Author
Dari Poulson
About This Story
16 Jan, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
4.0 (1 review)

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