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First Drop of Rain
First Drop of Rain

First Drop of Rain

HeddyHarshal khatri

Sun shines bright in summer and temperature is too hot,

We are tired, we criticize and at times go insane.

Raising our spirit is the hope for that dark cloud spot,

Only thing which can cool us down, the first drop of rain.

Farmers give their entire day and night sweating out on the field,

Their efforts and belief should not go in vain.

They dance, they sing and have a shout out for the yield.

Such a motivational booster is the first drop on rain.

Thunder strikes and the power supply stops,

Leaving options of Antakshari and Dum Sher Aas to entertain.

Moong daal ke pakode and Pudine ki chutney on top,

Such happiness is created by the first drop of rain.

When times are tough and nothing happens as expected,

You feel like everything's lost and there is nothing to gain.

There's a solution for each problem and it can be detected,

A ray spreading positive thoughts is the first drop of rain.

At work, with family or in a relationship,

Expectation is the cause of Agony and Pain.

Just keep on giving and enjoy your friendship,

Teching us how to let go is the first drop of rain.

We may be in a car or a bike or a plane,

Listening songs ,reading books which help us train.

Even if we are on a train in a fastlane,

Time will stop during the first drop of rain.

We all have some good and some bad habits,

Some of us agree while some of us refrain.

When we get a chance ,we should grab it,

Or wait entire year for the first drop of rain.

The smell of the soil, the peacocks dance,

The beauty which our children won't see if we don't sustain,

Everyone wants to enjoy it and not miss the chance,

So Irresistible is the first drop of rain.

It marks the beginning of period of transition,

Butterflies go away and no mangoes to retain.

Nevermake wrong use of your Superior position,

Staydown to earth like the first drop of rain.

Some people enjoy the rains, others just get wet,

raindrops or the tears rolling out, no one can explain.

Inner emotions come out for sure I bet,

Making the soul feel lighter is the frist drop of rain.

Keep doing the hard work, don't hesitate for the extra mile,

All work pays off a reward, steadyness you must maintain.

Be kind and grateful to watch someone's lovely smile,

It's WE and not ME says the first drop of rain.

Mother earth handles all our mass and weight,

Have you ever heard from her any kind of complain.

Help a needy knowing he might not return me back off late,

So Selfless is the first drop of rain.

Author Notes: Antakshari and Dum Sher Aas are some games played in India related to movies and songs.

Pakode and chutney : favourite Indian snack during rains

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About The Author
Harshal khatri
About This Story
3 Oct, 2017
Read Time
2 mins
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