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First Step
First Step

First Step


Bright moon and ten to one,

Asleep in my bed, not ready to run.

Toes creeping outside my door,

Opening my eyes, first foot to the floor.

Second step, door creeks,

Outside footsteps, don't dare to speak.

My nightime eyes wonder and loom,

As footsteps walk in the next room.

Third step, hand on knob,

Hearing russles, head has come to throb.

Forth step, in the hall,

Listening carefully i hear a small call.

Fifth step, again i hear,

The mutter of words, coming to my ear.

Creeping over, trying to listen,

Hands shaking, as blue eyes glizten.

I step up to the door, ears against the wood

Hearing the whimpers as i silently stood.

I turn the knob, and peer through the gap

Hoping to the dead that its not a trap.

I open it wider and see into the dark,

Then at the end of the bed i see a small spark.

The candel light dances and illuminates it all,

The figure behind it leaned thin and tall.

His head was consealed, by a hood of pure black,

I widened my eyes as i peered through the crack.

The figure then slid his hand to his pocket,

Scared, i quickly grab for my locket.

Then out of the hole, he pulled out metal,

What i saw had stopped my insides to settle.

He pulled out a knife, sharp and lean,

Though i sould see through the moon light that the thing wasn't clean.

He walked around the bed, and held it up high,

What happened next had caused me to cry.

He had plunged down hard and met his aim,

I knew after that nothing would be the same.

My stomach started to swirled and my head than spun,

I didn't know what to do, now that his job was now done.

I crept to the clausit and hid under layers of sheets,

I waited in silence until he left to the streets.

Tatered and torn i went back to the room,

Turned on the lights, and breathed in the toxic fume.

I looked down at the bodies, bleeding out blood,

I grabbed the phone as the red began to flood.

I looked at their faces,as i reported the scum,

And thought in my head, goodbye dad and mum.

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27 Aug, 2018
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