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One calm, tranquil night, a pair of eighteen-year-old twins called Dawn and Kathy, were standing up on a hill, gazing out to sea.

The sky was spectacular. Thousands of stars glittered and a large, full silver Moon cast a path of light across the water.

Then there were the constellations of Orion, the Great Bear and the Pleiades.

Mars and Venus glowed brightly and the halo of the Milky Way stretched across the vault of the heavens in the far – far distance, like a mighty serpent.

That wasn’t all, for suddenly, a strange-looking flying vehicle came in and landed in front of the twins. The vehicle was made of some kind of silvery metal and shaped like a right-angle triangle with three-metre-long sides.

Each corner had a curved landing support and a dome on top. The domes were made of transparisteel.

Furthermore, there was a being sitting in the front of the vehicle, which had an inbuilt white crystal.

The front dome lifted up backwards and the being climbed out.

The being stood over five feet tall and was humanoid. It had shimmering bare silver skin, luminous turquoise eyes, slender limbs and a pair of tentacles, shaped like long pony tails, protruding from the back of its head. Furthermore, the brightness of the skin created an aura around it.

Both Dawn and Kathy could tell at a glance that there was something unearthly about the being.

“Wow!” Dawn said.

“Amazing!” said Kathy.

“Do not be afraid,” the being said in a soothing female voice.

“I’m not afraid,” said Dawn.

“Neither am I,” Kathy said.

“Are you – are you from another world?” asked Dawn.

“Indeed I am,” the being replied.

“I knew it,” said Kathy. “My sister and I have heard of beings from other star systems, like Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades.”

“Yes,” Dawn said. “Are you one of those beings?”


“Where are you from then?” Kathy asked.

“The Moon.”

“The Moon?” the twins asked together.

“Yes, the Moon.”

“That’s the last place, which my sister and I expected to be inhabited,” said Dawn.

“Tell me who you are,” Kathy said.

“My name is Luna.”

“I’m Kathy and my sister is called Dawn.”

“Pleased to meet the pair of you.”

“Pleased to meet you too,” the twins said together.

“Well, now that we’ve introduced ourselves, I’ll tell you both why I’m here.”

“Please do,” the twins said together again.

“I have come to take the pair of you for a visit to the Moon.”

The twins were overwhelmed.

“Are you serious?” they asked together.

“I certainly am.”

“Where abouts on the Moon do you live?” Dawn asked.

“Not on it – in it.”

“In it?” asked Kathy.

“Yes. I live beneath the surface of the Moon.”

“Beneath the surface?” Dawn asked.

“Beneath the surface.”

“I can’t believe it,” Kathy said.

“You will.”

“Dawn and I have always wanted to go to the Moon,” said Kathy.

“How long will it take us to get there?” Dawn asked.

“No more than half an hour in Earth time,” replied Luna.

“Is that all?” Kathy asked.

“Yes. This craft is crystal powered and can go at incredible speeds. Now then, I’ll get back in the front and open the other covers. Neither of you will have to worry about breathing, because the vehicle has an artificial air system.

Luna got back inside the pilot compartment. She then pressed a red button on the control panel and the other domes lifted up backwards.

“In you both get,” she said.

The twins did as they were told. When they were sat down, Luna pressed a green button and the covers closed.

The moment had finally arrived.

Luna pressed a purple button and the crystal activated.

She then pressed a blue button and the landing supports curved inwards into the bottom of the vehicle.

Finally, she grabbed a steering device and guided the vehicle out into space.


The adventure had finally begun for Kathy and Dawn.

No longer were they standing on a hilltop gazing out to sea.

Instead, they were hurtling at a tremendous speed towards the Moon, in a spaceship piloted by a Lunar being called Luna.

In next to no time, they reached the Moon.

Luna slowed the spaceship down to avoid collision with the Lunar surface and cruised around to the dark side of the Moon.

Eventually, she slowed the vehicle right down to a halt, about two miles above a small crater, no more than a mile across and began to descend vertically.

As she did so, she pressed a yellow button and a fifty-foot wide, round metal seal split in two and opened like a pair of sliding doors – revealing a hole with a tiny point of mysterious blue light in the centre.

Down – down – down the craft went, until it entered through the hole. When it was below the surface, Luna pressed an orange button and the two halves of the seal closed.

She then descended the vehicle two miles down through a shaft, which led to a very large cavern with three passages branching off.

The cavern was all lit up by a mysterious form of pale electric blue luminescence. It was over a kilometre across in all directions and up to a thousand feet high.

The passages were electric blue too.

Within the cavern, there was a large spaceship landing pad with hundreds of triangular vehicles on top.

The pad was fairly busy with more bare-skinned Moon beings getting in vehicles and taking off and vice versa, or walking. More people were going in and out of one of the passages. There were children there too.

Finally, Luna touched down and got out with the twins.

“This is astonishing,” said Dawn.

“Yes,” Kathy said.

“You two haven’t seen anything yet,” said Luna.

The twins watched three vehicles disappear up into the shaft one after the other.

“Where are you taking us now?” Dawn asked.

“To my home settlement.”

“Where is it?” asked Kathy.

“Just through the tunnel.”

So the twins followed Luna into the tunnel, which the other Moon beings were going in and out of. After journeying for no more than a mile, they reached the other end. What lay beyond, totally astonished them.


“Wow!” Dawn said.

“This is amazing,” said Kathy.

Luna had led the twins inside another electric blue cavern. The cavern was over a mile across in all directions and up to a thousand feet in height. Three more electric blue passages branched off into unknown regions.

The thing, which inspired the twins most, was the settlement. Yes, there was a settlement inside the cavern.

The settlement had two enormous domes, an oblong building with curved roof, a low square building with a domed roof and much smaller buildings – shaped like geodesic domes.

All of them were made out of some kind of silvery metal.

The buildings were separated by uncanny vegetation. There were no trees, no bushes and no flowers. Instead, there were small dark red forms of vegetation, shaped like coral quartz.

There were many Moon beings too, all of whom were bare-skinned including children. They were either walking about, or going in and out of the buildings through openings and automatic sliding doors.

“This is my home settlement,” said Luna.

“What kind of things do you have here?” Kathy asked.

“Well, to start off with, there’s the science laboratory, which I’ll take the pair of you to first. Then there’s the food growing area, the indoor vegetation area, the shrine to the Moon Goddess Selene and our houses, which those smaller buildings are. And now I’ll show the pair of you around.”


The tour of the settlement began.

To start off with, Luna led the twins inside the square building.

Once inside, they saw a corridor, brightly lit by luminous white crystals – embedded in the ceiling. There were two closed doors on either side of the corridor.

“This is our laboratory,” Luna said. “I’ll show the pair of you inside each room, starting with the farthest right hand one.”

She led the twins through the end right-hand door, which opened and closed automatically.

Beyond the door, there was a room in which scientists were examining rocks and extracting unknown metals from them. Two scientists were using laser beams to bisect geodes with different coloured crystals inside. Three others were using ultrasonic sound devices to remove pieces of metal encased in rock.

Three more scientists were examining the metals and crystals.

Luna explained to the twins that the rocks, metals and crystals were from other planets and moons.

She then led them out of the room and into the one opposite.

There was a whole load of chemical apparatus in the next room. Scientists were testing unknown metals and other elements, to see what would happen at room temperature. Some were turning to liquids, some to gases and some to solids.

After a short visit, the twins were led into the nearest right-hand room, in which something most bizarre was going on.

Instead of extracting crystals and metals from rocks and experimenting with elements, the scientists were growing vegetation.

What vegetation it was too. There were bright pink plants, shaped like cacti; gherkin-shaped, bright orange plants, shaped like pineapples; dark blue plants, shaped like pinecones; bright green plants, shaped like walnuts and many other kinds.

Two scientists were sowing seeds into trays. Another two were transplanting seedlings into containers over six inches deep. Three more were transplanting larger plants into wider and deeper containers – allowing them to increase in size.

None of the plants were very large.

All of the containers had self-generating water systems.

Luna explained to the twins that the seeds were brought to the Moon from other worlds and that when the plants were large enough, they were replanted to grow full size, in another area of the city.

She then led them into the final room, where two dozen scientists were studying rocks and bits of soil under microscopes.

Luna explained to the twins that the scientists were studying otherworldly, microscopic lifeforms in the rocks and soil.

After that, she led them back out of the lab.

“Well, what did you two enjoy that?”

“I loved it,” Kathy said.

“Me too,” said Dawn.

“I’m pleased to hear it. Now we shall continue.”


Dawn and Kathy’s tour of the Lunar city had taken off to an amazing start.

So far, they had been taken to a science laboratory. While there they had seen otherworldly vegetation being grown, metals being extracted from rocks, microscopic life being examined, geodes being split and elements being experimented with.

Their guide Luna, was now taking them inside a gigantic dome with a diameter of three hundred metres and a height of sixty metres.

The sight, which met Dawn and Kathy’s eyes, totally overwhelmed them.

“Wow!” Kathy said.

“I can’t believe I’m seeing this,” said Dawn.

The entire dome was filled with a whole variety of alien vegetation.

One kind was dark red and shaped like an over-sized courgette; another had a six-metre-tall, thick twisted purple stem and a mass of green thorny leaves drooping down at the top; a third resembled a cabbage, only it was bright blue and orange and a hundred times the size; a fourth was bright yellow and resembled a sea urchin and so on.

Furthermore, the place was all lit up by pink crystals – embedded in the dome.

“This is where vegetation grown in the lab is brought when it’s large enough,” Luna said. “I’ll show you two around.”

So Luna guided the twins around the vegetation area.

A good many other Moon beings were admiring the plants.

“Plants from other worlds are always being brought here,” said Luna.

“There’s one thing, which I don’t understand,” Kathy said.

“What’s that?” asked Luna.

“How can otherworldly plants continuously be brought here? I mean, this dome is very big, but – “

“I see what you’re getting at,” said Luna. “You’re thinking about the amount of room here?”


“Well, whenever new plants are brought in here, older ones are removed.”

“How is that managed?” Dawn asked. “Are they pulled up?”

“No. We have a form of technology, which makes the plants vanish into thin air. We then use another form of technology to re-fertilize the soil, so that new vegetation can be planted.”

“I see.”

“And now we shall continue.”

“Where will you take us next?” asked Kathy.

“To the place where we grow our food.”

With that, Luna led the twins out of the vegetation dome.


So the tour continued.

Luna led the twins into a second dome.

The second dome was roughly the same size as the first, only it wasn’t full of alien vegetation.

Instead, there were dozens of raised beds, made of some kind of metallic material, in which vegetables – if that’s what they even were, were growing.

The crops in the beds, whatever they were, bore no resemblance to any Earthly vegetables – far from it.

One variety was bright orange and resembled an over-sized monkey nut shell; another bright blue, football-sized one resembled a walnut shell; a two-foot-tall pink one resembled an ear of corn; a fourth looked like a spiked conker, only it was mauve and the size of a basketball. Those four varieties were only a few out of dozens.

The whole area was lit up by pale green crystals embedded in the dome.

The inhabitants there were harvesting crops in the most unusual way. Instead of pulling them out of the ground, they were using laser blades to slice through the bottom most parts – leaving short stumps remaining.

Harvested crops were being placed in large crystal vessels.

“This is where we grow our vegetables,” said Luna.

“They don’t look like our vegetables,” Dawn said.

“I imagine they don’t taste the same either,” said Kathy.

“Indeed they don’t,” Luna said.

“Why are laser blades being used to harvest the crops? asked Kathy.

“Because we never pull the roots up.”

“Why are the roots left in the ground?” Dawn asked.

“So that the crops can continually produce.”

“I see.”

“No crop rotation is involved, because of our methods of growing and harvesting. Our soil is always perfect for our needs too. And now I shall show the pair of you round.”

So the twins were guided round the enormous food growing area. There were so many different varieties of crops, none of which they were at all keen on trying. When they had seen everything, Luna led them out of the dome.


“All that we’ve seen so far, is most overwhelming,” Dawn said. “But tell us, is there a schooling system for the young, or a learning centre at least?”

“No,” replied Luna. “We have a learning system, only it takes place in space.”

“I don’t understand,” Kathy said.

“Well, unlike children on Earth, ours don’t study from text books, or do any form of writing and mathematics, no. Our young go to other worlds, to really see, touch, smell, hear, taste and experience things first hand.”

“I see.”

“Well, it certainly makes sense,” Dawn said.

“So what happens when someone gives birth?” asked Kathy. “Do you have a clinic, or some other kind of birthing facility?”

“No,” Luna replied. “Birthing takes place in our own houses. We have a form of technology, which renders the process painless and prevents bleeding.

“Once a birth has taken place, the baby is taken to the shrine of Selene, to be blessed by the Goddess. That’s where I’m taking you both now.”

Luna led the twins into the rectangular building with the curved roof.

The building was a lot smaller than the domes. It had a length of sixty feet, a width of forty feet and a height of thirty feet.

Luminous pale coloured crystals – embedded in the walls and the roof, created a wonderful pastel hue and a twenty-five-foot tall, pearly white statue of a female Moon being stood against the back wall.

At the base of the statue, there was a small alter stone.

“This is wonderful,” said Dawn.

“Is that statue of Selene?” Kathy asked.

“It certainly is,” replied Luna.

The twins approached the statue and peered into the alters tone, which was large enough to fit a baby inside.

“Our new born are placed in the alter, in order to be blessed by Selene, to be welcomed into her family here – this community so to speak. The parents are always present here and a group of women dance in honour of the Goddess.”

“You said into Selene’s family,” Dawn said. “Do you all look upon the Goddess as some kind of mother?”

“Yes, she is the mother of us all. You Earth beings have your Earth Goddess Hera and we have our Moon Goddess Selene.”

“I see.”

“And now I shall return the pair of you to Earth, now that you’ve see everything here.”

So Luna led the twins out of the shrine building.


“There are a few things we wish to know,” said Dawn.

“Fire away,” Luna said.

“How extensive is this cavern system?” asked Kathy.

“Very extensive. There are caverns and passages beneath entire surface of the Moon and they run far deeper. What else do you want to know?”

“Where you get your water from,” Dawn replied.

“Ah yes, our water. Well, there is a vast underground lake, situated at a depth of ten miles. We have a pipe system, which pumps water into the city.”

“Just how deep do the caverns go?” asked Kathy.

“Over a hundred miles.”

“Seriously?” Dawn asked.

“Yes. They go right down to the centre of the Moon.”

“The centre of the Moon?” asked Kathy.

“The centre of the Moon.”

“That sure is a long way,” Dawn said.

“Many of the caverns are inhabited by beings like myself.”

“Really?” asked Kathy.

“Really. They all live in cities like this just beneath the surface and have access ways into space through craters.”

“I see.”

“That’s not all.”

“Not all?” Dawn asked.

“Not all. There are more of us Moon beings living at the core, which is one huge big round cavity.”

“What do you mean?” asked Kathy.

“Are you saying that the Moon is hollow?” Dawn asked.

“Indeed I am.”

“What is the centre of the Moon like?” asked Kathy.

“Well, it has an enormous ocean teeming with lifeforms, unknown to you Earth beings and several large islands, inhabited by more of my kind, along with different sized reptiles. The place is all lit up by a pearly white luminous orb right in the centre.”

“Wow!” said Dawn.

“Now then, is there anything else, which you two wish to know?”

“There sure is,” Kathy replied.

“Go on.”

“You’ve told us about what happens when one is born,” said Kathy. “But what about when someone dies?”

“Well, when someone dies, a form of technology is used to make the body disappear into thin air. However, it isn’t often that someone dies – seeing as we live over five hundred years old.”

“That sure is a long time,” Kathy said.

“Indeed it is.”

“Do you have any form of belief system based on what happens to those who die?” Dawn asked.

“Yes. We believe that the ceased enter a spiritual realm, where they become one with Selene.”

“There’s something else, which I’d like to know,” said Kathy.

“Go on.”

“Do you and the rest of the people in the city ever visit other settlements, or even the centre of the Moon?”

“Indeed we do.”

“How do you get to those areas?” Dawn asked.

“We apparate.”

By then, the twins and their guide had returned to the landing pad.

“Well, that’s about everything I wish to know,” said Dawn.

“Same goes for me,” Kathy said.

“I’ve always believed the Moon to be shrouded in mystery,” said Dawn. “But a world inside it, is beyond everything.”


“The Moon isn’t the only place shrouded in such mysteries,” Luna said.

“Not the only place?” asked Kathy.

“Not the only place. As a matter of fact, I suggest you start looking into what lies beneath the Earth’s surface.”

“What do you mean by that?” Dawn asked.

“That is for you and Kathy to find out.”

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to make do with that,” said Kathy.

“And now we will get going,” Luna said.

The three of them got in one of the space vehicles.

Luna started up the controls and the vehicle rose up into the shaft.

About half way up, she pressed a yellow button and the seal opened – allowing the craft to go out into space.

When the vehicle was out of the shaft, she pressed an orange button and the seal closed.

After that, it was straight back to Earth.

Luna flew the vehicle at an incredible speed back to Earth and touched down on the hilltop, where she had found Dawn and Kathy.

The early light of day was visible by then.

“Well, this is it,” Luna said.

“Yes,” said Kathy.

“Thanks for everything Luna,” Dawn said. “I’ve had a wonderful time.”

“Me too,” said Kathy.

“I’m very pleased to hear it.”

“It’s been a pleasure to know you,” Dawn said.

“And for me,” said Kathy.

“It’s been a pleasure to know the pair of you too.”

“We bid you farewell then,” said Dawn.

“Farewell Dawn, farewell Kathy.”

Luna took off again and headed back towards the Moon.

“Well, that sure was some adventure,” Dawn said.


“I’ll tell you something.”

“What’s that?”

“We were the first women in the Moon.”

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