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Fish and Ships
Fish and Ships

Fish and Ships

BeowulfAnthony E
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In a little village there stood a little store

On a little bay just off a little shore

Once more, the store had on the door

A dinner special that all would adore

For $4.95, a price that couldn’t be beat

A fresh feast of fish and chips, all you could eat

The little blue ship would bring in the days catch

Everyday there would be a nice new batch

One morn, the little ship blew its little horn

It caught a bay lobster right after a storm

The lobster said, “I’m magical and will grant one wish"

Please don’t treat me like I was just a fishy fish

Please do not take me to the little store

Where they’ll boil and foil me and even more

The cook will sack me, hack me, and crack me

Then the me, that you see, will no longer be

No little ship, do not drop me in with the fish

Rub my shell and I will grant you one wish

The greedy little ship wondered and thought

Should I trust this bay lobster that I just caught

Should I rub his shell and get my one wish

Then let him go, but still keep all my fish

The little ship used its anchor to rub the lobster

It was bright red with fear a right little mobster

Just then the bay lobster’s claw struck

The little blue ship was now out of luck

The anchor chain fell and the fish flipped free

The little ship cried, "Why did this happen to me?"

How could this happen, and how could I fail?

The ship instantly snagged the bay lobster’s tail

The lobster made quite a bash, a clash, and a cough

Until the lobster’s red ruffled tail finally came off

The lobster drifted down to the depths of the bay

Where Giganto the Gigantic Water Monster lay

Giganto craved bay lobsters and even more

He had a delicious lobster on his bay floor

Lobster would taste good with lemons and tartar

But lucky for the lobster, again he was smarter

"Giganto, do you know what humans love to eat?"

"Do you know makes their Friday dinner complete?"

"Fish and chips," Giganto the Gigantic replied

Just at that moment the bay lobster sighed

"No, Giganto you have it all wrong"

"It’s fish, but not chips," he said all along

He whispered in the water monster’s ear

Giganto the Gigantic crept closer to hear

Then with an adoring smile, a spin, and a shrug

Giganto the monster swam to the water above

The little blue ship’s net had its next catch

On its deck were plenty of fish, a really big batch

The sea monster leaned on the little ship's deck

Giganto could crush the ship and make it a wreck

"Why are you bothering me?" the ship wanted to know

The monster replied, "A tail less lobster told me so."

I learned of the Friday special, right from the lobster’s lips

Now I want some-Fish and Ships! Yes some Fish and Ships!

THE END.......

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About The Author
Anthony E
About This Story
28 Mar, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
5.0 (1 review)

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