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Five beers and a cigarette

Five beers and a cigarette

By John Smith

He had accepted a job at a small local bank after getting out of the military and it was already driving him crazy. People and there inability to control their emotions had always been an issue of his. There had been a time when he sat across the table from a customer listening to their problems and how they were trying to make them his. And for some reason he would be looking at them and he would see them with their head severed. Just a body with an open neck. There problems are so little to me as well as their simple little existence. If the person only new how they were being seen they probably wouldn't want to be sitting there. And because of these interactions he found comfort sometimes at a local bar. He would order a draft bud light. He liked the taste that went with the comforting warmth of the alcohol finding its way through his veins finally to his brain. Then a cigarette to compliment this moment of Zen. Then after a few more sips the music begins to dance in his mind and things start to make sense if they ever did. The beat from the a song goes perfectly with the beginning of his fifth pint. He sees a machine guns muzzle flash at night in his mind and he can feel the emotion embrace him.

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About The Author
John Smith
About This Story
7 Jul, 2014
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1 min
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