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Flint: Revenge Part 8
Flint: Revenge Part 8

Flint: Revenge Part 8

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Flint ran upstairs and straight into Reid’s room he thought he was hiding somewhere that they could maybe fix this. Whatever had happened.

He felt the gliding presence of Willow and Callum behind him. Part of the flock he had sworn to protect and that is what he would do, protect them, from everything. And right now Reid was the one who needed protection from the others and from himself.

Yet, when he got to the room it was completely empty and the wind was blowing the curtains. He raced to the open window but when he looked out there was only the three story drop, no evidence of Reid anywhere.

How? Was all he could think. The boy was ten, he had no training, and he was definitely small. Sure, he was smart, insanely smart, but that had nothing to do with being able to drop three stories, did it?

There was no other option for where Reid could have gone, so Flint was out the window and that was when he saw the little almost invisible hand holds. Every seven bricks there was one pulled halfway out and the one above it was missing. He saw the perfection of the missing blocks. Just like the missing blocks every seventh brick was a darker color and the missing blocks simply blended in.

There was a reason Reid was considered a genius.

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4 Apr, 2022
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1 min
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