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Fluffy Attacks

Fluffy Attacks

By Yun-chan_always

Mark was sleeping peacefully in his bed. He was having a nice dream about the sunlight on his face. But Mark couldn't ever recall seeing a single hair on the sun. Blinking his eyes, he realized something was in his face. So naturally Mark sat up in confusion and a giant black hairy, furriful, thing fell on his bed. "Fluffy?", Mark asked, scratching his head. Something was up.
Day 2: A U.F.F [Unidentifiable Flying Fur ball] hit Mark in the face and tried to claw him. "What did I do?" Mark asked his cat as Fluffy's only response was to hiss evilly and scurry away creepily reminding Mark of an oversized rat. Something was definitely wrong.
Day 3: Fluffy was hissing and spitting and gnashing his teeth from his cage. "Why Fluffy?" Mark asked, "I didn't want to do this, but I need my face." Fluffy continued to try to escape. Mark was scared.
Day 4: Mark screamed as angry claws shredded his face. His last words were "I'm sorry I forgot to buy the catnip!" As fluffy clawed him to death. Fluffy licked his chops and said, "Your face is better than any catnip I've ever had… thank you Mark."
Day 5: Fluffy watched mournfully as the other people took Mark away, because their faces did not look as tasty. Fluffy cried so hard, because he would never eat Mark's face again, it was all gone.
Day 6: Matthew adopts Fluffy. Fluffy purred and licked his chops. Matthew looked even tastier than Mark.

Fluffy couldn't wait to get started on his plot for Matthew's face. He was excited and filled with anticipation, the cage door opened… Fluffy sprang out and ran straight into a terrier. The terrier growled at Fluffy and narrowed her eyes. "I know who you are and what you did Fluffy!"
Martha snapped at Fluffy, making him jump and stalked off. Everything was fine until Fluffy put his plan in motion, attempt one: smother Matthew in his sleep. Just as he was about to jump up on Matthew's bed, Fluffy felt all the air squished out of him as he was tackled. Fluffy jumped up and looked around for the source of his discomfort, only to see Martha curled up on the end of Matthew's bed; leering at him with an evil glint in her eye. Something was up, could Martha be in the way of his plans? He would have to get rid of her… but not tonight, tonight Martha had won… for now.
Attempt 2: Snap Matthews neck with an aerial attack. Fluffy felt the wind whistle in his fur as he sailed towards Matthew's face with perfect accuracy and precision. Since when does Matthew's face feel like a body slam? Fluffy was smacked into the ground. Martha smirked at Fluffy. Something was wrong….
Attempt 3: Get rid of Martha. Fluffy discovered that Martha had puppies. He found them in a basket in the laundry room. Creeping towards the pups, maniacal plans filled his head. But it was not to be; for when Fluffy's paw raised to swoop down on the puppies, a smaller paw stung his ear. Martha growled at Fluffy dangerously. Matthew came in and scolded Fluffy, "Bad cat! Leave the puppies alone!" Picking Fluffy up by the scruff of his neck, Matthew dropped Fluffy out side the door and slammed it shut. Fluffy would have slipped back in through the doggy door, but Martha had locked it. Martha eyed Fluffy from a window with an odd glint in her eye. Fluffy was scared.
Attempt 4: Fluffy regretted the poor timing of his attempt to assassinate Martha's pups as it had rained that night. Wet cold, Fluffy was not in a good mood. He was sure Martha was out to get him, he had seen the look in her eye. He was cold and damp and his fur was sticking to him. He thought back to when he had ended the life of Mira. She had been overprotective of Mark and had to go.
It was a cold autumn day in the doggy park when Fluffy approached Mila. He snuck up on the Russell-terrier with murder on his mind. Mila turned around and smiled a doggy smile at Fluffy. It almost broke his heart to kill her. Almost, but not quite. He playfully pounced on her like always. They wrestled and he had managed to pin Mila down just long enough to swipe his evil claws across her throat. The shock, pain, betrayal, and sadness were all apparent on Mila's face. She looked almost like she felt sorry for him. Mila had always been fond of Fluffy, she had been the one to find him cold, wet, and abandoned in the streets and brought him home. Life left Mila's eyes and Fluffy felt terrible. How could he kill his own mother over a sick fetish he had for human faces? Shame-filled, Fluffy fled the park.
It had been then that he could have sworn he saw Mila watching him from the window on a unicycle as he flew at Mark. But it could not have been Mila, this new terrier looked shocked and horrified whereas Mila would have looked sorrowful and disappointed. Then who was it? It was…
"Martha!" Fluffy hissed as he saw the terrier leering at him.
"You're gonna die here and now, your face is mine!" She charged. Hissing, Fluffy brought out his claws. Martha snapped at Fluffy's face and pulled back quickly to avoid a swipe of Fluffy's paw. Fluffy tried to pounce on Martha but she jumped at a slightly lower angle and caught him by the throat. He felt each of Martha's tiny sharp teeth puncture his neck. Remembering Mila's murder, Fluffy lost the will to fight, Martha just looked too much like Mila and Fluffy couldn't bare to hurt Mila again.
Martha watched as Fluffy passed out. Without so much as a tear shed for her dead sister, Mila, Martha proceeded to eat Fluffy's face. Once full, Martha left Fluffy's mangled remains in the yard and went for a roll in the mud. She jumped in puddles and splashed and played until a burst of thunder scared her and sent her scampering back towards the house. Once inside, Martha decided to feed her pups. Little did she know, she would be continuing the cycle of murder and bloodlust as she fed her innocent puppies the poisoned Fluffy milk. Martha relaxed as her ordeal was over. And it was… for now.

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8 Mar, 2011
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5 mins
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