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By xoxlrhxox71711

She closed her eyes tight
trying to sleep.
But couldnt get the image out of her head.
To see him with that girl.
That one she hated so much.
& he knew it.
He knew she didnt want him with her.
He knew it killed her inside,
like a thousand knifes cutting through her skin,
all over her body.
A tear ran down her cheek,
as a prick of blood ran down her wrist.
Its not working, she thbought to herself,
then pressed the blade even harder, on the vain in her wrist
the warm red liqued gushed out like a waterfall.
She kept tearing at her arm.. thinking if she did it more, maybe the pain would go away.
But it didnt,
It woulndt leave.
She finnaly realized it wouldnt stop..
She set the razor under the pillow, and layed down..
She delt with the image until she fell asleep..
When she woke up the next morning, she looked at her arm,
Written across her whole arm was
"You dont love me."
The girl got up, went to the bathroom and washed her arm off,
you could still see everything..
She went into her closet, and took out one of the many long sleeve shirts she had and put it on,
along with a fake smile.
She reached for her phone. Looked at the messages.
"We cant be together anymore" Is what it said.
She screamed as loud as she could as the fountain of tears ran down her face.
Threw her face into the pillow and tried to sufficate herself.
Punched wholes into her walls, left scars on her hands.
As well as her arms.
She was lost, didnt know what to do with herself.
After three days of non stop crying,
She took out a piece of blank paper & a pen.
She wrote " I love you. I do, but this time you hurt me to much. I cant deal with your lies.
I cant deal with you. I just can't. I dont know if youll ever understand how im feeling right now
But i cant live without you. I meant that when I said it.- Me"
She walked to the bridge they always used to go to, the one with the small river.
She took his sweatshirt, every letter he ever wrote her, and every thing he ever bought her.
She placed it on the bridge with the note on top, then climbed up on the bridge with her daddys gun.
As she was about to pull the trigger, a car drove by, it was him, with that girl in the other seat.
She pulled the gun back tword her head, and pulled the trigger.
She was gone.
The boy stopped the car, realizing what just happen.
& ran as fast as he could back to the bridge..
He saw her body float away with the river..
& couldnt move, he couldnt think..
His mom called the police.
As he sat there in complete shock, not knowning what to do.
A police came up to him and handed him his things, with the note on top..
As he read it, he could do nothing but cry, and cry, and cry.
This day changed him.
He became that kid whose girlfriend commited suiside.
He didnt talk to anyone.
He never looked at any girl, except for that pictire of the girl who died for him.
He cried every morning for the next 7 years of his life, because he knew hed never see her again.
Untill the day he died.
& hed have to live with that

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13 Sep, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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