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"Ugh I can't believe that I couldn't get an uber today." Amy thought. As she walked rain started pouring down, "Are you serious?" Amy scoffed. She put on a hoodie and started walking once more. She starts feelings tingles on her neck so she looks behind her. No ones there, so she starts walking faster until she feels like someone is following her again. Out of fear she starts walking faster.

"Are you serious? First I get no uber now im being following?" Amy questions. She gets on her phone and dials a friend, "Hey Max, can you come and get me I'm being followed at the moment and i need help." It takes a while for a response, "Yeah sure I'll come and get you where are you?" Max says. "I'm at ***** Street next to the museum." Amy states. "Sure i'll come and get you." Max says.

The rain started pouring down harder, as she hangs up the call not thinking about anything else beisides going home. She felt like someone was watching her so she quickly turned around and then someone put something on her mouth, it made her sleepy. She managed to escape, she ran away when she felt something drag her into an alley way. It was Max, he said "Follow me the car's this way."

Amy followed Max to his car, then was knocked out. Once she woke up she was tied to a chair in a dark room, there was weapons everywhere like knives, guns, saws, and a alot of other things. "Well well well looks whos finally awake." Max said. "You know im really lucky you called me out of ALL your friends." he said.

"Sadly your never going to see light of day again." he said. She starts moving around in the chair trying to get out then.


"Sorry Amy you just bothered me to much." Max says.

Author Notes: Enjoy :) (Sorry if this one was bad I was rushing because i was in class)

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29 Jan, 2021
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