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Footsteps In The Hall

Footsteps In The Hall

By lisacrain90

We had moved to a small town in Oregon, where my Grandfather and Grandmother had a home for over 30 years. It was quite the adventure for 4 girls brought up thus far in the city. My mother inherited the home when my Grandfather passed, in 1971 my Grandmother passed earlier in 1968 I think it was. The home itself was plain, green the color we found out of tractors made by John Deere, and had a metal roof and siding. Only the very front of the home had wood, it was because Grandfather built a porch, something like a sun porch and had it screened in. It was a nice way to sit and look out at the large yard that contained Red Rose bushes, and Yellow, also some white.

It was a small home really, but we girls didn't mind we were used to having two or three of us in one room. I being the youngest got to first sleep in a hall they had put in a single bed near my parents room, the only thing i minded was when the furnace at the foot of my bed turned on and made loud blowing noises, to heat up the house at night.

My Mum was usually up for a bit after we would go to bed especially to check and make sure we weren't giggling late into the night or whispering our sister secrets. She would walk down the hall from her and my fathers room and make her way through the kitchen to our bedroom. Yeah a bedroom off the kitchen not very wise as planning a house goes, who wants to hear someone sneaking in the refrigerator late at night when you have to get up at 6:30am readying yourself for a day in Junior High (Yuck).

Anyway, I was having these strange feelings in the house as time went on, I felt like someone was watching or somehow there with me when all of my family members were out of the home. I didn't think anything about it I just chalked it up to too many Scream movies. I am not sure when I started hearing these footsteps that weren't my mother's or father's or siblings for that matter. I think around the time of my 12th Birthday. My girlfriends would stay over and we would sit and talk or watch movies on the Television. After our movie we would shut off the light and settle into quiet whispers for conversation and go to sleep.

I have heard that a lot of negative circumstances such as yelling, being angry, physical abuse can attract a dark force if you will to you. I guess it is like putting the energy good/bad out in the universe you get the results of the positivity or negativity in your world, right where you live. I don't think that my parents brought this being into our world necessarily, however the air of our home was sometimes heavy with regret, sadness as our parents weren't able to handle their frustrations, and anger big arguments and fights broke out in our home and that my friends contributed to this dark and ever present feeling over the home as if Someone or something loomed over us and we did not know how bad it was to be later.

So as time went on I heard these footsteps for years, thinking it was Mother walking the late night shift presiding over the 4 teenage daughters that could be unruly, sneak out or just stay up late trying to listen to Music when sleep did not come easily. I heard them start by her bedroom door and go down the hall to the living room pause and then go to the kitchen and stop by our bedroom door. I would call out to her or my father and never an answer, I thought it was because they didn't want to blow their cover, and soon the steps would go back the way they came.

After I had left home and was in my late 20's maybe even 30, I heard a story that my niece had told me about a happening at my mother's home. She and a friend decided to stay at my mothers home they were in middle school at that time. I listened as she told me a tale that would sound familiar. She and her friend were sleeping in the living room on a hide a bed sofa. They had eaten some snacks and watched a movie on Television. As they were laying down talking before sleeping they heard the footsteps in the hall, they heard it pause but it did not go any further it had stopped its walk 10 ft from their bed. My niece and her friend heard a raspy sounding voice, unable to make out the word or words that "it" spoke and then the presence started whistling. The girls we trapped in the bed by terror, and could hear their hearts pounding in their ears. The being or whatever it was departed soon after the whistling had stopped. It was a story she had not shared with many people.

When I was 34 my first husband and I had spent the night at my mother's home, I am not sure what the occasion was that we had the sleep over my mother did have some heart related issues at that time, so it would make sense if we stayed to keep her company and make sure she was alright after a hospital visit. We decided to use the very same hide a bed that my niece had spent the night on with her friend, it was fairly comfortable, and easier to sleep on than the single bed that had replaced our full size bed. I was doing some reading in my Bible for a Bible study class and my husband was drifting off to sleep when suddenly he turned to me in horror. I said "yes" I heard that voice the raspy sounding creepy voice that my niece a few years earlier described, I too heard the footfalls before it spoke and so did my ex-husband. I slammed my Bible closed and jumped out of bed, dragging my husband outside to the enclosed porch we talked for a brief minute or two and I had decided this was not a ghost, it was a demon. I begged him to drive me to our pastor's home 12 miles away at midnight on a week night so that i could have ideas about how I might get rid of this "thing" a real evil presence that God only knows how long it had been in that home. I was so frightened I had to know what I could do to get rid of "it".

I had burnt sage throughout the house, and I was instructed to read a certain passage in the Bible. I went throughout the house repeating the words that I was given to read and telling the "entity" that God was more powerful and in the name of God almighty it must leave this home never to return. I then cleaned the house sweeping, mopping and giving it a through cleansing I felt better. Soon after all this had taken place I heard no more footsteps down that hall, nor did anyone else ever report any noises, or raspy voice stranger that was once heard by my niece, myself and my ex-husband. This is a tale that someone would have to say truth is stranger than fiction. I never knew who, what or where this being came from nor did I care to, its just one of those experiences that you know is dangerous, supernatural, and lets you know that we do have this negative energy-entity that we must be cautious about our words, deeds, and companions and what doors we might unintentionally open in this vast amazing universe.

Author Notes: I wanted to share a real life ghost/demon story that I personally had been engaged in and to hear is to believe though I never saw it's form, I heard its voice and footsteps.

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20 Apr, 2015
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