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For all we have lost

For all we have lost

By SmilesFadeAway

It was a cold rainy day as a young teenager was walking to see he's Girlfriend.
she had the bluest eyes this world could cast upon, her beautiful lips, She was everything in he's eyes
As he open'ed the front gate to her house, he heard a loud crash
he opens the door trying to rescue her,
only to find he's bestfriend in bed with her naked...
She giggled and looked up at the teenager standing,
There with he's burnt heart at he's feet
he's life has become useless beyound her very eyes
Her blues eyes because dead
as he's heart bleed red
He's mind was sinking
as so was he's heart

The rain came down as the tears came down as he ran outside,
he ran to the tree were they first met and engraved on the tree upon that blue sea
For All We Have Lost.
as he turned around to see her running after he, he closed he's eyes and feel backwards in the ocean, the rain was as cold as the love i felt for her, she had brung this on herself
For All We Have Lost

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1 Oct, 2010
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<1 min
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