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For the Moment
For the Moment

For the Moment

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Today a Monday one of the worst days ever made. I get up, I go to work, and make it some what on time to a job that has me sitting at a desk staring at a computer for 8 hours. I look up at the clock and see I am almost finished with my shift. Feeling kind of optimistic so I decide that maybe I will get up to some late night activities. My phone's alarm goes off to notify me that work is done. Quickly I leap out of my seat, shut off the computer, grab my jacket and make my way home. I walk down the hall with a powerful stride passing everyone else as I get to taste freedom. I turn around to say my farewell to my co-workers, but my excitement must have gotten the best of me. I turned and there were balloons attached to chairs with words written on them saying "no work today go home". My body shivered at the disbelief. Displeased by the fact I worked on a day when i didn't have to. Angry I stormed down the hall and burst through door on to the street.

Outside i took one look at the building and sighed before walking home. "You always do this" I said to myself "you focus on one thing and forget about everything else". I continue walking down the street with the light of street lamps, giving perfect vision of how alone i am. All that can go through my head is how my co-workers left balloons, tied to there seats because they new. They new id do it again like i always do. My train of thought is lost when a blonde woman wearing a leather jacket manages to bump into me. "watch it" she says to me as she rushes off down the street. Caught off guard by the incident I reply, "you could a least say excuse me". The girl takes her right hand and flips me the bird, I shrug and continue walking.

Finally I make it home, I am by myself again, because i have no one to come home to. I put my jacket on the coat rack and grab apple cider from the fridge. Then I made my way to my room upstairs, I entered the door and turn on the desk lamp. At the same time i also power on my laptop and a background appears on the screen. It's my teacher from grade school Mrs.Dunkley, she was a kind and beautiful woman, she made me feel i had someone. Mrs.Dunkley would always say things to class such as "all my students are family" and she mothered us and made us feel irreplaceable. Those were the kindest memories to me, she made me feel so safe even if it was just for the moment.

The cool night begins to shed tears as it pours furiously. Swiftly i get up to close my window when I begin to notice something. The girl that bumped into me she's on my street standing under the street lamp. Seeing her i get annoyed but the feeling of pestilence is soon silenced by curiosity. The girl is just standing there, as I peak through my window i begin to notice how beautiful she is. This girl begins to scan up and down the street as if she's waiting fro something. Then a man approaches, a broad large man walks towards her. They talk for a bit i can't make out a single word, I see her give him something and the man was visibly angered. The young woman looks confused, the man grabs her by the arm and starts to drag her into the alley. She screams and tries to fight him desperately in the rain, thanks to the water the mans grip loosens and she runs straight toward my door knocking furiously. The man gets back up and charges towards her and bashes her against the door.

terrified I fall to my floor curling into a ball. I hear it i hear everything, her sobs, his fists hitting her harder then the last. Completely frozen I am stuck sitting on my floor till it all stops. I hear something dragging, slowly I begin to peak through my window shaking violently. Finally I see him walking back to the alley with a fistful of her hair, I see blood a lot of it. The monster had beat her badly, I look at her swollen face and the shaking stops. Her mouth begins moving as she coughs up blood, I open my window and I hear her say "please don't do this, please let me go" her tears are visible even in the rain. Then in the blink of an eye she disappeared into the alley with those unwashable tears.

Strangely calm I make my way down the stairs, grab my coat and I grab the closest thing i can find as a weapon. I grabbed the meat tenderizer stainless steal, I open the door and begin my pursuit into the alley. The alley is so dark and cold with nothing except empty boxes and trash. As I venture through i see a man hole with water going into it, I notice the water is red. I go further down till i see a path that turns right, I hear her sobbing again. Quietly I lean against the corner of the wall till i am almost to the edge, l slowly peak past the wall.

Once I turned the corner I saw the man had removed the girls pants and underwear. He had tossed her onto a pile of garbage and began to undo his belt. The girl fought against him kicking and screaming she fought him, The man was visibly much larger than her and put his big hands around her tender neck, he lifted her in the air and threw her to ground. The girl started half naked with her butt sticking out tried to get up. The man mounted her and pushed her to the ground, she tried fighting him again but he grabbed her by the hair and smashed her head to the ground. I watched with a slowly raising smile as i was enticed by her struggle I felt it, something dark was trying to seduce me again. Poor sobs and whimpers made me tense up she didn't scream anymore she couldn't. Laying there she just cried, the man flipped her over and as he did I quickly ran and bashed his head in with the meat tenderizer.

This large giant of a man had fallen to ground with a viable wound to the head. With his blood on my stainless steel something washes over me in the rain, I was taken by the bloodlust. Viscously I stood over him and hit him with the meet tenderizer. Unable to stop, blood pours into the streams of water with chunks flying into the cool night air. Blood spots on my jacket, my face, some managed to get into my mouth and my smile begins to get bigger and bigger as I begin to remember Mrs.Dunkley. The bloodlust turned to rage and then sadness, I look under me as I have turned this mans head into a pink soup draining of liquid. he barely had any teeth in his mouth they were either in the alley or sticking out the back of his throat. The rain pours over me as I cry those same unwashable tears, I look over to the girl half naked, beaten bloody, and twitching.

Cautiously I approach her and I make sure to grab her soaked clothes. She is barely conscious I picked her up and brought her to my home. I put her in my bathtub ran some warm water and brought out my medical kit. Once I made sure she was a safe temperature I put her in my bed and laid her to sleep. Then I sat in my chair just a couple feet away and turn on my laptop and finally remove my jacket and my shirt. Sitting there tired I look at the photo of Mrs.Dunkley and delete it, then I storm into my bathroom and stand there in the dark hesitating. Eyes closed I stood there for what felt like an eternity. Then i heard foot steps.

The light switch flicked on, I heard her gasp. "I-I just wanted to say thank you". Tears started pouring down my cheek as I feared opening my eyes to reality. "What happened to you?" she asked, I sighed a trembling sigh. My eyes opened, revealing a damaged body with scars all over. "My grade school teacher was a kind and loving person she mothered us" I replied " she was beautiful and made us feel irreplaceable". "Until school ended and we all had to go home, I was safe. For the moment".

Author Notes: any feedback is appreciated as I would like to become a better story teller.

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21 Sep, 2017
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