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For You

For You

By eloise2006

i wore blue because that was your favourite colour

i always smelled like roses because they were your favourite flower

i always straightened my hair because that's how you liked it

that's how you liked me?

i guess that is me..

it's a different version of me, but me nontheless

underneath all that makeup, it's still me

not that you would notice if it wasnt

because i always wore clothes that clung to me becasue that what you liked on girls

i always tried to look my best for you

because i loved you

ive only ever went out when it was ok with you

that's okay?

i always said goodnight

and i always said i love you

because i know you needed the reassurance

didnt i need that too?

didnt i need a lot of things?

i needed to feel comfortable in my body

but its okay i'l wear stuff for you

i needed to wear my favourite colour

but its okay ill wear yours for you

i needed to smell like my favourite flower

but its okay ill smell like yours for you

i needed to let my hair be natrual

but its okay ill damage it for you

i needed my skin to be free from the mask i put on it

but its ok ill break out for you

everything i did was for you

every litte thing

but it' sokay

cause it was always

for you...

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About This Story
13 Dec, 2022
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1 min
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