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for you to stay

for you to stay

By jov

Have you ever felt in love without reason ??its just like you can't understand yourself of whats been going on to you ..
we'll now ..i had ..

Its the time for the campaign for the next officer in our school and he's running as the president of our opposing party ..but i don't consider him as my opponent ..first.we take different position ad second, i don't have any more reason to do that.
On the second day, he's there standing on the front door of a room ,oh my gosh !he smiled ..that's the first time that i realized what my schoolmates told me ..
...he's pretty good-looking boy ..even though they misinterpret his ways and they thought he's gay ..

It was never my intention to tell him what i feel until my friends reveal it in front of him ..he told me i should stop it and choose where we could stay for long ..friendship ..i agree,and now i found myself still thinking of him and hiding my feelings.....and so.we get,,and i love it when we sit together on the jeepney..
i told myself "how i wish he felt the same way like i do ..'

but it's impossible to a man like him who had decided not to love again.. is it better just to stay like this for him to stay ?

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About This Story
11 Jun, 2010
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1 min
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