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Forever and Ever
Forever and Ever

Forever and Ever


‘forever’ he asked, holding my hand with a shining smile on his face. as I sat next to Harry’s hospital bed. His smile always seems to cheer me up no matter what kind of mood either of us are in. trying not to cry I let out a sigh of relief that he is still here for one day. After the car crash I don’t know what I would of done without him. I love him.

He was such an idiot, he went out got drunk and then got into a crash. Why would he ever do that? To be honest I have no idea. Somehow I always seem to think that it’s my fault. If only I was there with him that night. If only I hadn’t said no to coming with to the party because I was too stubborn to let that petty little argument go. if only I went with.

‘you ok baby?’

‘ yes I’m ok my love, are you alright? You’re the one that I should be worried about’

‘ yes I’m fine, just a bit tired’

‘ do you want me to go get a doctor. You know what, I’ll go get a doctor. You stay there’

(grabbing Ellie’s arm) ‘ babe I’m ok, please you have to stop with getting the doctors every five minutes. I am fine I promise’

‘ promise’

‘ promise’

‘ ok well I have to actually leave for school now, did you do the homework?’

‘yes its in the bottom draw over there’

Walks to the draw and gets harry’s homework out

‘ ok I have it’

‘ good, have a good day at school alright’

‘ I will thank you, ill be back later’

‘ ok baby, thank you. I love you’

‘ I love you too’

I hate leaving him, I really do. I always feel so guilty leaving him. But I will come back later and see him later. I always do. sometimes I think that I get on his nerves or that he sick of me. but I just want to make sure he is ok, I know that I may be a tad over protective and I know that sometimes I can be a little extra, but I just care for him and I ultimately love him.

Even though I hate to leave him, I know that I have to. I have school you see, he would normally come with me too school and he would normally drive us too school and all, but ever since the crash he has been in hospital until he gets a little better at least and to be honest even though he doesn’t show it I know that he is secretly afraid to get back in a car. He wont even let me talk about cars. I feel so bad for him, I do really blame myself.

Finally got to school, there’s Clarissa, she is my best friend. She has always been there for me through everything, my mums death, my dad leaving me, all the stress about exams, and well now the crash. She has been with me through it all, and I love her so much for it. Everyone needs a Clarissa in there lives.

‘hey darling’

‘hey Claire. You alright?’

‘im fine babe, how are you? How comes you came in late today, I didn’t think you were going to the hospital today’

‘ neither did I, I honestly was not going to go but I just woke up and I just felt like I had to.’

‘ aww baby, I’m sorry to hear that. How is he though. Any better?’

‘ I mean not really, he is slowly getting better’

‘ that’s good’

*bell rings*

‘ and there’s the bell. What do we have?’

‘ umm, english’

‘ ugh I hate that lesson, its all Mr. harrisons fault. He waffles on and on and on. he makes English so boring, I used to like that subject’

‘hahaha, omg your so weird he is just fine’

‘ yeah, that’s because you have a crush on him’

‘ ew omg no, that’s disgusting’

During English I got the most devastating call, it was the hospital…. His heart rate… his heart rate… his heart rate… it’s going down. I needed to run there, I literally grabbed all my belongings and ran. Clarissa knew what was going on, she came with me, and so did Jordan (Harry’s best mate). I was so worried. I just felt my self starting to cry. Jordan was driving, Clarissa sat in the back while I sat in the passenger seat at the front. I was a nervous wreck. The next ten minutes of the car journey felt like an hour. I couldn’t breath I hated it.

Finally we got to the hospital. I literally didn’t let Jordan park up before I got out of the car and ran to the hospital. I ran in, running towards his hospital room I literally ran as fast my feet together. He wasn’t there. He wasn’t in the room. Where was he? Omg where was he? I need to find a doctor.

‘ hi, hi do you know where Harry William is from room 304’

‘ oh, you must be his girlfriend, I am so sorry.’

‘ sorry- sorry, what are you sorry for. Wait- no he cant be, he cant be please he is only 17. Please no he cant be’

‘ I’m really sorry’

He is dead. No he cant be. Omg he is dead. No, no, no, no, no. he cant be. This cant be real, lease someone pinch me, I think I’m dreaming. No, omg he is done.

‘ hey, where is it. False alarm right? Ellie? Ellie? Why you crying? Ellie?’

‘ Ellie, what’s going on?’

‘ I’m sorry’

‘ sorry- oh, no, no, are you sure?’

‘wait what? Oh… guys im so sorry?

‘ no, no are you positive?’


‘Come here’


‘ guys, I know it’s still a bit of a tough time but do you think we should start planning the – um- the funeral’

‘ I mean I guess we should’

‘ ellie?’

‘ yeah sure’

‘ok, lets start’


‘ thank you for coming’

‘ Let’s start the ceremony, shall we?’

‘ hi all thank you for coming, umm I don’t know what to say. Harry, there is so much I can say about Harry. He was the best boyfriend and the best, best friend ever. (smiles at Jordan). Even though he was obsessed with his x-box, he was still the sweetest’

I cant stop crying at this point. At this point Jordan comes up the stage and stands next to me putting his arm around me and hugging me.

‘ sorry, um where was I. yeah he was an amazing person who would always put a smile on you face no matter how he was feeling. I love him so much, and im sure other can agree that he was the most caring and generous person ever. Sorry, um Jordan’

‘ hi yeah, its ok El’s, harry is.. um he was my best friend. He still is for sure. He was the most generous and the most amazing best friend I could ever ask for. Mate if he could here me right now he would probably be telling me to shut up and stop being cringy right now. Ha um yeah. But thank you guys for coming, we really appreciate that. If you do want to umm.. go and see him being buried then please go where your invitations says. Thank you’

*20 minutes later*

His boy is actually being buried, I cant actually believe it. I miss him already.

‘ thank you all for coming.’

‘ thank you for having us’ ( various people say to us as they go back to there cars)

‘ Ellie you coming?’

‘ I think I’m going to stay here for a bit. I’ll meet you guys back at mine’

‘ ok we’ll see you there in a bit’

You know how harry always used to say ‘forever’ instead of ‘I love you’. This time was my chance to finally respond. I can imagine him saying ‘forever’ and crying next to he grave I finally respond with ‘and ever’

Author Notes: hi guys, sorry I haven't been very active. I have had a lot of exams and I have also had writers block. I should hopefully have a few more stories for you soon. thank you for your patience. love you all :) <33

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19 Oct, 2021
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