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Forever and for Always

Forever and for Always

By earth4ever

Dan and his wife,Susan, had been fighting all night.
"It's all you fault!if you hadn't been out getting druunk all night,you would have remembered our anniversey.If you can't remember our anniversery,how do you remember our three children?You know what?I'm leaving!Like,now!"
She stormed off.

The next day,Dan's friends knew that is was their fault for making him late for his anniversery.They found out where Susan was going to be tonight(at a party with her friends who were trying to cheer her up)and they told him.
He got dressed up and bought her a pure diamond ring.It was engraved with the words
'I'll love you forever and for always.'
He went to the party and found her crying.He kneeled down in front of her and asked"susan,I love you and I always will.You should know that,but I can only love you if you love me too.Will you PLEASE take me back.I'm sorry.I miss you and the kids.Please come home."
Susan's eyes welled up with tears.She wrapped her arms around Dan and cried happy tears.She whispered "Yes"in his ear.

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About This Story
6 May, 2010
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1 min
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