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He screamed in my face as I felt my ears, and cheeks turn warm and red. He balled up his fists and they started bleeding because of how hard he was digging his nails into his palms. I began feeling my tears drip down my cheeks as I backed away from him. His brown skinned face turned to blazing red in a matter of moments, his words slurring as he moved towards me more and more. I was backed up against a wall with fear in my eyes. As he continued yelling in my face his breath smelling of pure alcohol, his saliva spitting into my face. I tried pushing him off of me but he was far too strong gripping my hands and pinning them against the wall. Even though his dreads covered his eyes I could still see his bloodshot red eyes in between the gaps. I begged him to stop but he just got angrier. I didn’t know what I did wrong asking him for forgiveness. Scared of the thought the love of my life might hurt me. He reluctantly looked down into my eyes calling me “honey” as he loosened his grip crying. Repeating how sorry he was for hurting me. He put his head into my chest before falling to his knees holding my shaking hands. I fell to my knees and cried with him whispering into his ears “i forgive you”.

Author Notes: With all mi corazon.

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25 Sep, 2018
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1 min
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