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Forgotten Fairytale

Forgotten Fairytale

By hapynes

Alone with you is like a dream come true
Hypnotized by your gentle and mesmerizing eyes
I was a portrait of a woman drunken in love
But can you feel my love baby?

Your caress and kisses are drowning my sanity
Like a liquor, a poisoning crimson to my soul
But as you hug me close fear stares back at me;
The sting of joy vanishes into thin air like our forgotten fairy tale

Enveloped in darkness, I see tiny light fading
I know I shouldn't be here with you
So close, I can hear your heartbeat yet you’re so far away
Oh baby, do you hear my heart too, shouting I’m still so into you?

Why do we have different meanings for love?
Hoping yours is also pure whimsy love
Pure enough to hear my crying heart and
Lit this darkness into a blinding light.

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About The Author
About This Story
24 Sep, 2014
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<1 min
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