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By hapynes

Yes she was the other girl, the girl whom he met unexpectedly, and the girl who believed his lies.  
She never dreamed of becoming the ‘other girl’ in his life.  
Like his girlfriend for 3 years she was also being lied to.  
She only discovered it after a year…a year of wasted time. 
She felt sorry for the girlfriend. 
She didn’t know that he was already committed. 
And now, her love turned into hatred. 
If only she was given the right to punish all the men who cheats, she could have done it a long time ago. 
How she hated him. 
Her message to his girlfriend:”I salute you for having that kind of heart, for loving that kind of man. 
Although you knew all along that he was cheating, you didn’t utter a word to him. 
I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. I can kill that damn good liar for you... Just say the magic word and I will be pleased to do so. “
Her last words to the most disgusting man she has ever met: 
“Love your girlfriend and never let her go, nobody will ever love you again like the love she has for you. 
I don’t believe in karma…and now I wish it’s true, so that bad karma will be chasing after you forever.”

Author Notes: It was written 11 years ago and was inspired by my bestfriend's heartbreak story.

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24 Sep, 2014
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1 min
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