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humans are so fragile. we can only fall so far before we break. we can barely function by ourselves. we are susceptible to damage from air, water, fire, earth, even the people closest to us.

it's not just the forces of nature that we're vulnerable to. we break whenever someone we love leaves. we break when someone's words find the one chink in our armor and sink in deep beneath the surface where no one sees, but the words still hurt.

sometimes all it takes is for one song to come on the radio and we're right back to that moment so long ago, and its like we never healed at all.

we act like we're invincible, but the truth is... we are so easily broken that our strong fronts are only an act to hide how easily we can be hurt. why do you think we hide our faces when there's tears streaming down them? why do you think we wait until we get home and there's a closed door between us and the rest of the world before we let our guard down?

we're scared to get hurt, because this world is one dark place that doesn't care about us too much. so we keep our hurt to ourselves. we sling it onto our backs everyday when we wake up and we carry it until our shoulders and hearts are caving in. we carry it until we reach the end of the day and we place it down and go to sleep. but it's always there waiting in the morning.

we think we're invincible. we try so hard not to let people get to us, but deep down, they do.

and you know what? you don't have to carry that hurt alone. there's always someone who loves you who's willing to take that burden on their shoulders and walk that lonely road with you. none of us are alone. this world would have us believe that we are, have us believe that no one understands us or what we're going through.

the world is a dark place, yes, and it doesn't care too much, but there is a bright day coming. it might seem like it's a long ways off, but you've got to keep going. take it one step at a time, one minute, one hour, one day at a time, until that burden of hurt that used to weigh you down is barely there. it's a long journey, but you'll get there.

humans are so fragile, but we're still strong.

Author Notes: the world's going through a dark time right now, and i don't know what each of you are going through, but i believe in you. don't give up. we can get through this.

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9 Apr, 2021
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2 mins
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