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Frail Love
Frail Love

Frail Love


As I awoke in your strong, muscular arms and looked up from your chest to see your resting face at complete peace, I couldn't believe you were mine. I intertwined our fingers under the covers, softly enough so that you didn't wake up, closing my eyes to remember all our times. Our good and our bad times. I cuddled in closer to you to listen to the rise and fall of your chest and I thought of the first time I met you, the first time I fell into the sea of your love.

I take myself right back to the cold winter night of sitting on the bridge, wondering why I was still holding on. I seen no hope, no future of my own. I asked God everyday constantly, "Why did he put me on this earth?" I heard you running, I heard you screaming, although I didn't recognize you. It was almost like you flew to my side, and pulled me straight off that bridge. I fought with you at first, I wanted to go so bad. Why couldn't you have just let me go? It's what I wanted. I didn't even know you and you were still messing up my life just like everyone else. You wouldn't say anything to me, you just listened to me scream at you and continued to follow me where ever I went on that bridge.

It wasn't until I got to the little coffee house, just off the bridge, that I heard you say your first words to me. You slowly approached me and lifted my frail hands, and warmed them with yours and looked at me and whispered,"I love you."

So many questions raced in my head,"He doesn't even know me? How can he just say that? Why does he even care?" But, yet with all these questions, I fell in love with you. How could you love me when you didn't know me? But as you soon taught me, the Lord our God will show you the wonders of his love. Even when I was in my darkest place, the boy who didn't eve know me was shown by God and told what to say. God showed me the wonders of his love.

Those three words changed my life, as I stood there a few in awe of what you just said, you slowly approached me and hugged me. There wasn't anything I needed more right at that moment and you knew it. For the rest of the night, we talked, laughed and found the purpose of life, love.

I felt the one heavy lift of your chest as you awoke; as I lifted my head to look at you, I seen your ocean blue eyes staring back at me. You slowly grabbed my frail hands once again and whispered the words, "I love you." Almost just as a perfect relived moment and you hugged me. My life has never felt more complete.

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About This Story
15 Dec, 2017
Read Time
2 mins
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