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A franklin family story book1

A franklin family story book1

By marinifernandez

A Franklin Family Story Saga
By: Marini Fernandez
“Her Last Words”
Part 1

Life’s been difficult all these years. Everyone around me has been trying to convince me it wasn’t my fault but still I can’t help feeling very guilty about it. I can’t help seeing her being buried below the ground. I can’t help seeing my family mourning about it. Let me take you to the time when I didn’t feel pain and suffering, when the world was perfect, when I wasn’t guilty.
Four years ago after I ran home from an errand, and then I suddenly heard a loud frightening fearful noise. It was a gunshot! A woman who was covered in a pile of blood lay helplessly on the sidewalk, as another man carrying a pistol ran to the next block. Everyone around me was stunned like I was no one even bothered to follow the man carrying the pistol. There were screams and pale faces as I managed to look around me. I then heard sirens, saw colorful lights, police cars came, and people crowding. I went to check on who the person was and it was my 15 year old sister Katelyn. I kept yelling her name and holding her hand. Then I woke sweaty and my heart was beating fast. Katelyn was sitting at the tip of my bed saying “It’s alright Alice it was just a nightmare” she said soothingly. Seeing my sister get shot is too stunning for a 12 year old like me. I quickly accepted her embrace and hoped my nightmare will never come true. “Tonight’s going to be Christmas Eve” she declared. On the night of Christmas my whole family was prepared. While Katelyn was fixing my hair I managed to look up to her and recognized her long curly brown hair and blue eyes. She recognized me looking because she smiled.

It was finally Christmas Eve we then greeted everyone a “Merry Christmas”. Our family all gathered around the Christmas tree and opened all our presents. Everyone was so excited and was extremely happy. There was laughter around the whole house. I first opened the gift which Ella gave. It was a stationary set wrapped in pink. “Oh Ella, they’re wonderful thank you” I replied. Katelyn then handed me a beautiful present covered in pink with little glitters. I opened it and found a beautiful pink bag. Before I went to bed I sat by the window sill and looked upon the sky. “It’s beautiful isn’t it Alice?” announced Katelyn who was standing right beside me also staring at the stars. I didn’t notice she was standing right there. “You know what the sky reminds me of?” she continued “It reminds me of you because you are as beautiful as the sky”. A thought just occurred to me I suddenly thought of my nightmare about Katelyn lying dead on the sidewalk. “Katelyn, do you know why I kept yelling your name the other night?”“Yes, I remember. What was that about anyway?” she asked waiting for an answer. I bit my lip wanting not to tell her but she pleaded so I gave in. “I saw you get shot by a man and you were lying helplessly on the sidewalk covered in piles of blood” I answered softly then continued. “I was terrified seeing you lie in the street while I stood there yelling your name” I announced. “Come now Alice it was just a nightmare” she replied. “But what if that becomes real?” I asked. “That will never happen” “Promise?” I asked. “Promise now it’s time for you to go to bed.” She declared. I then hugged her good night and went to bed.
The next morning Katelyn and I had a sister bonding time, leaving behind Ella who was playing with her best friend Beth, Julie who was painting a picture, and little Effie who was playing with her new friend Jane. Katelyn and I had so much fun, we went ice skating and bought a hot chocolate, and had the most fun in my entire life. “Next stop the mall. We should buy dolls for Julie and Ella, and a little rattle for Effie.” she decided. “Yes we definitely should. I wonder how they’re doing at home” But before Katelyn could reply, we both noticed a man wearing a black leather coat barged in front of us and held out a gun. He aimed it straight at my face. I closed my eyes shut, and prayed for it to be just a nightmare and then suddenly “BOOM!” For a second I thought I was dead but as soon as I pinched myself I opened my eyes and saw the man with the gun heading straight for a drug store. “Katelyn, I think we should go now.” I pleaded. She didn’t answer instead I saw her lying helplessly on the sidewalk. I dropped to my knees praying it couldn’t have happened, yelling her name. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. My heart was beating so fast I had to pinch myself a second time “You are just having another nightmare you’ll be awake soon” I reminded myself. But this isn’t a dream this is reality and everything I have seen was real. Everything happened in an instant. The next thing I remembered was a small white room filled with everyone I love except Katelyn. Everyone was stunned, horrified, and confused. My father kept comforting my mother. Effie kept whining, and the rest were too stunned and couldn’t believe it. We waited and waited for 4 long hours. Eventually my mind began to wonder, before Christmas I dreamt of Katelyn being shot and now it happened? Questions swarmed in my head asking the same ones “Why did she save me? What happened to the promise we made? What will I do now? How can I help?” Five long hours passed and eventually we were allowed to see her. She looked paler than ever but her beautiful smile stayed the same. “Why did you do that?” I asked anxiously. “Because it will be harder for me to see you in my place” she replied. Tears ran down my cheeks as I managed to say “It’s my entire fault!” taking all the blame “It should’ve have been me!” “Calm down Alice its okay everything will be fine, do not blame yourself I chose this path” she replied. “But what about your promise?” I asked. “God will take care of me and you will have to move on. Do not worry I will be with you forever in here” she announce touching my chest. I never left her side for a whole week. Her condition worsened but on the last day she began to say “I love you Alice.” As she took a deep breath, with that very moment I knew she had left me. Left me here on earth to continue life and move on. But how am I to do that? Without her beside me, comforting me, reminding me everything will be fine, and showing that caring smile. Now I still couldn’t believe it all happened. I quickly moved to my window sill and looked upon the stars. “I will never forget you Katelyn” I whispered. “I will never forget your last words ‘I love you Alice’”.

"A Franklin Family Story" has 4 stories so far. Each book is made by 4 different authors: Marini Fernandez, Isabelle Musni, Bea Cimafranca, Sydney Tan. Each book has different main characters. The Franklin family have lots of losses in their lives. Email me at [email protected] for comments and suggestions. Please right the title of the story when you email me. Thank You! Hope you enjoyed it.

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About This Story
2 Aug, 2010
Read Time
6 mins
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