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A franklin family story book2

A franklin family story book2

By marinifernandez

A Franklin Family Story Saga
By: Isabelle Musni
Book 2

I looked out the window seeing it was cloudy outside. I could feel the breeze whistle through the little crack. “They forgot to fix it” I thought. I made a mental note to remind them later. I sighed, this weather makes me unhappy. It reminded me about… about her, my best friend. I closed my eyes remembering that memory. I always tried to avoid it but I know I can’t keep running away from it.

Her name was Beth a young girl who was like my twin, who knows everything about me and how I feel. She’s like my reflection. Though we don’t look alike outside, we are very much alike deep down. She comes over at my place every day, just to do normal things, homework, watch movies and play board games with my family. We were best friends for as long as I could remember. She was also very comfortable spending time with my siblings, Julie, Effie, Alice, my parents, and even Katelyn before she passed away. She would always feel like a part of the family, which I love the most. We had many traditions, both serious and silly. The one I remember the most was, wishing on a rainbow every time we see one.

Every night we meet at her house’s front porch and gaze at the beauty of the stars. For a moment everything felt right, it felt perfect. Then one horrible day, everything went wrong. We were out playing on the street near her house, and then suddenly her mom came out and told me that my sister was on the phone so we stopped playing for a little while. I was inside the house to pick up the phone. Suddenly even before I got hold of the phone I heard a loud terrifying crash! I hung up and quickly ran out as fast as I could, behold I saw Beth in the street all bloody and hurt lying helplessly in front of a Toyota with a drunk and crazy driver. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think, I fainted.

When I woke up I found myself on a couch thinking “This is all just a terrifying dream” but no sooner had I thought it. I saw my sisters approach me, with teary eyes and unhappy long faces. “Come on, we don’t have much time!” they said while taking deep gulps of air. I had no idea what they were talking about but then it hit me “Beth, car crash, dunk guy, BLOOD??” I thought to myself and then saw black spots again but before I could topple over a second time, my sister Julie caught my arm and spoke “Please, Ella your friend needs you.” We went into a white room I saw my family, Beth’s family and Beth. She was clean but pale and looked as if all her energy had been drained out of her. I ran towards her bed and held her hand. “Beth, Beth what happened?” I asked her, tears streaming down my cheeks. “About…to leave” she said quietly, with a faint smile as if hiding her pain. “Remember me” she said. “Of course I will… don’t go!” I told her holding her hand tightly. “Rainbows…Reflection” she muttered as she shut her eyes her soul drifting away.
I opened my eyes it’s been 3 long lonely months since then, I looked to the window and saw a rainbow, the cloudiness went away. I saw the colors I remembered something Beth said “Stars appear every night but Rainbows are special, make a wish.” I pursed my lip and sighed. I will never forget you Beth, my best friend, my Reflection.

"A Franklin Family Story" has 4 stories so far. Each book is made by 4 different authors: Marini Fernandez, Isabelle Musni, Bea Cimafranca, Sydney Tan. Each book has different main characters. The Franklin family have lots of losses in their lives. Email me at [email protected] for comments and suggestions. Please right the title of the story when you email me. Thank You! Hope you enjoyed it.

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About The Author
About This Story
2 Aug, 2010
Read Time
3 mins
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