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A franklin family story book3

A franklin family story book3

By marinifernandez

A Franklin Family Story Saga
By: Bea Cimafranca
“A True Miracle”
Book 3

Once there was a girl named Effie Franklin who was very beautiful but had a horrible attitude. Though she was the youngest she was rude and bullied her peers. Only one friend was very patient and tried her very best to change her attitude. The girl’s name was Jane. Jane had brought her to priests, teachers and people she thought might help Effie. Jane prayed that one day Effie will change her attitude and start being polite to everyone. One morning on her way to school, she suddenly heard a faint scream. It came from one of the houses in the neighborhood. She ran as quickly as she can to find out who it came from. It turned out to be a woman who just got hit by a huge barrel. Stunned, she ran away as fast she could. She eventually felt guilty so she ran back to help. There she saw a man stabbing the poor woman. Suddenly she had the courage to grab a long metal pole and hit the terrifying man causing him to run away to the next block. “The guy must be crazy stabbing a strange lady for no reason” she thought to herself. She then decided to call an ambulance but she forgot her cell phone so she began carrying the woman. Then man came back but this time he was carrying a pistol and began shooting her. Effie wasn’t hit so she ran as fast as she could, and stumbled on a rock. She crawled her way to a nearby store but unfortunately she was shot in her left arm, she began to see black spots and eventually fainted. The Police came after a while and found the man through a witness who recognized him. After a couple of hours she found herself lying on a hospital bed with a cast on her left arm and her whole family and Jane crowding her. The woman survived 7 surgeries, and was in a different room explained her older sister Alice. Effie found out that the woman was actually her mother’s sister whom no one spoke about. She stayed in the hospital for about a week until she felt better. She started to talk more to her mother’s sister. Her aunt talked about how her mother used to tell her secrets. Effie began to be polite to everyone since the day she decided to carry the woman and talk to her more.

"A Franklin Family Story" has 4 stories so far. Each book is made by 4 different authors: Marini Fernandez, Isabelle Musni, Bea Cimafranca, Sydney Tan. Each book has different main characters. The Franklin family had lots of losses in their lives. Email me at [email protected] for comments and suggestions. Please right the title of the story when you email me. Thank You! Hope you enjoyed it.

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About This Story
3 Aug, 2010
Read Time
2 mins
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