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A franklin family story book4

A franklin family story book4

By marinifernandez

A Franklin Family Story Saga
By: Sydney Tan
“My Inspiration”
Book 4

I watched the sun set as I looked out my kitchen window. My young children are out in the garden running, screaming and having the time of their lives, enjoying themselves. Oh, how I wish I could go back to those days when I didn’t have a single worry in the world. While I was preparing dinner, my youngest son, Luis, came up to me and asked “Mommy why isn’t grandma really around?” my heart sunk just thinking about the death of my dear mother because it definitely was not a day I like to remember. It was about time I told the kids about their grandmother who was already long gone. As soon as they were all ready listen, I began my story.
“I was only 7 years old when your grandma passes away. She was a very caring mother who provided me and my sisters everything we needed. She was our best friend. She usually takes us on long walks to the beach, kissed our cheeks when we felt down, and told my sisters ‘Everything is going to alright. It wasn’t your fault.’ whenever they would remember the people who have died, and brought us out for some ice cream. She’s the greatest mom in the world and she taught me everything I knew. I would always hold her hand tight because whenever I’d let it go, all my feelings of protections disappeared so I would feel afraid. She would always love that because that gave her the opportunity to love me even more.”
“Mommy, wait.” Luis interrupted. “What happened next mom?” Jean asked.
“One day, as I came home from school surprisingly mother was not there. I sat on the couch and waited for her to come home. Finally I heard a car in the driveway and ran outside. To my dismay, it was my older sister Alice, standing at the porch and not mom. I asked repeatedly ‘Where is mom? I need to tell her all about my painting in art class today!’ my sister then replied, “Julie, something bad happened to mom. She’s in the hospital.’ she continued ‘I do not want this to happen again’ she whined. I tried to ask what she was talking about but then I remembered Katelyn my much older sister so I kept my mouth shut and quickly ran towards the car. When we reached the hospital there I saw Ella crying and blabbering about ‘It’s happening again first Katelyn, then Beth, now mom!’ ‘MOM!’ I thought. I couldn’t imagine life without her.”
“That’s, terrible mom!” Jean announced. “We then entered the room where mom was held. There she was, all covered in hospital equipment and could barely breathe without the help of a machine. I burst into tears just looking at her. Thoughts like What did mom do to deserve this? Why is she sick? Is she going to get better? I hope she’s okay. She was diagnosed with Lupus, which is highly dangerous for a person to encounter. It turns out she’s had this disease for a long time but didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want them to worry. I talked to her when she was awake. ‘Mom, why did you do this? You don’t deserve to be in here looking like that. You need to be at home where you belong.’ I pleaded. ‘No my child, God has greater plans for me up there in Heaven. Hopefully that’s where I’m heading and am dearly excited to see Him.’ I frowned. ‘But mom, what about us? We already lost Katelyn and Ella lost Beth’ I asked anxiously. ‘I’m going to miss you kids terribly, no doubt. But nothing last forever, not even me and I know that God will take care of you because you’ve been good children of His. I will soon meet Beth and Katelyn and we will watch over all of you. Always remember that I love you as much as the stars in the sky at night.’ I then hugged her.
Several months have passes and she’s been growing weaker and weaker since the day she first arrived in the hospital. Nothing seemed to be curing her and no one knew why. The doctors often said it was time to let her go but my family and I couldn’t let that happen. We couldn’t leave our mother to die when there was still hope left. She’s been so strong this whole time and never stopped praying. She still managed to listen to our stories about what happened during school and gave us feedbacks. She didn’t seem to show any signs of pain as she smiles, but clearly she was suffering. She died on December 21st of 1987. Although she may be gone, her spirit still leaves in each and every one of us as long as her story is spread and kept alive. I love you mom. You are my inspiration.”

"A Franklin Family Story" has 4 stories so far. Each book is made by 4 different authors: Marini Fernandez, Isabelle Musni, Bea Cimafranca, Sydney Tan. Each book has different main characters. The Franklin family had lots of losses in their lives. Email me at [email protected] for comments and suggestions. Please right the title of the story when you email me. Thank You! Hope you enjoyed it.

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About This Story
3 Aug, 2010
Read Time
4 mins
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