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Freaky Love

Freaky Love

By Bitter

I sat in my bedroom that night, trying to find something to wear on my date that night. It was quite frustrating, for this was my first date, and I was really antsy. While trying on a brown sun dress that I had found at the back of my closet, I thought about what was going to happen tonight: Tyson would pick me up. He would take me to dinner. He would take me to a movie. We might kiss at the end when he drops me off. We get married and have seven kids.
Okay, the last part was a maybe.

I finally found what I was going to wear. I found a nice blue V-neck dress, but it was a cold November evening, so I threw on a white cardigan.
I went to my bedroom mirror and sat down on the stool. I looked at the mop on my head.
"What am I going to do with this?" I asked myself.
I ran a hairbrush through my hair several times. That was an improvement. I grabbed a handful of barrettes from my drawer and stuffed them in my hair. It was slowly looking better.
I applied some makeup and headed downstairs.

"Well! This boy must be very special if you're dressing up like this!" My dad exclaimed.
"Oh Anthony, it's her first date! Let her leave before you rip apart her self esteem!" My mom said.
"I wasn't trying to insult her, I was trying to compliment on how nice-" My dad droned on when the doorbell rang. I answered the door and left my squabbling parents in the other room.
Tyson was at the door, and he looked amazing. As I was heading out the door, my dad stepped into the room.
"Bring her back before 10:00 or I'm bringin' out the shot gun!" He joked.
"Will do Sir!" Tyson said.
"Oh what a gentleman!" I heard my mom say as we left.

For dinner, we stopped at a nice restaurant. Nothing SUPER fancy, but nothing close to something like McDonald's.
After the waiter took our orders, we talked a little about our families,friends, hobbies, and stuff like that.
The waiter returned and gave us our dinners. There was an awkward silence before we started eating, so Tyson picked up his napkin, and folded it into a hat.
At the time, I was taking a nervous gulp of my Pepsi, and when he put the napkin-hat on his head, I spit it all out of my mouth. It sprayed him in the face and I blushed. Instead of getting mad and storming out, he laughed; which made me laugh too.
By the time we finished our dinners, we both had napkin-hats on our heads.
We payed and left to catch a movie.
First date dinner: Check

We rushed into the movie theatre in time to catch the starting credits. I wasn't really paying attention to the movie. I think it was some cheesy romance. Halfway through, Tyson leaned his arm over my head and rested his hand on my shoulder. Smooth. He leaned his head closer to mine as if to kiss me, and whispered in my ear, "You look amazing tonight."
I think if the movie theatre was empty right now, I might have screamed at the top of my lungs in joy. But I didn't.
When the movie was over, Tyson kissed me on my cheek.
First date Movie: Check.

Driving home, Tyson mostly talked. He talked about his dog Brian, who was put down last week.
"That's awful. Do you have any other pets?" I dumbly asked.
Tyson laughed. "Yeah, I have a cat. But she doesn't like visitors so I'd better not bring you over until I buy a crate for her.
"What's her name?" I asked.
Tyson looked me in the eyes.
"What? You named her Princess?"
"Yes," Tyson blushed, "But I was only 3, and my older sister was obsessed with Disney Princesses, so I thought it would be appropriate."
I giggled. Tyson started laughing and that launched me into a hysterical laughing fit.
Then we arrived at my house. Tyson and I got out of the car.
My palms got sweaty in less than ten seconds out of the car. The breeze, pushed my hair in front of my face. Tyson swiped the hair out of my third eye.
"This is my first date." I said.
"Me too." He replied.
I closed my eyes and expected a quick peck on the lips, but Tyson lunged forward into a full-out kiss. It wasn't forceful, and I loved every second of it.
I kissed him back. Fireworks erupted in my brain and I swear I saw sparks fly.
He wrapped his tentacle around mine, we broke free from our mesmerizing kiss, and he walked me to the door.

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About This Story
26 Jun, 2011
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4 mins
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