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Free With Death At Last

Free With Death At Last

By emoterrorist

As life goes on we offten think about the harshness and darkness of death. this is the story of a boy named Jack who faced a hard challenge in his short life. And this is the short story.

Once there was a boy named Jack. He lived with a mom and a dad and an average sized house. But to Jack, things seemed a lot different. The mom was a drunk, and the dad a stoner. Jack lived in a closet, and only fed once a day. And when he was out, there was always a hand on his throat and a belt on his back. Every day he wondered, why he had a harsh and horrible life? He was only 7. And he had 7 scars on his forehead. Everyday crying with nobody listening. It was a saterday afternoon, and Jack could hear his angry drunk mother stumbling towards him. She opened the closet and drug Jack by the leg. He could tell it was his 8th birthday by the knife on the table. The drunk bitch thew Jack on the floor and went to the stoner to give him a sloppy kiss. Jack looked at the knife, gleaming with the shiny blade. The mother was almost done with the hideous stoner. Jack looked at the knife again and then acted quickly. He grabed the sharpened blade and stuck it in his throat. He watched his mom laughing as the warm blood ran down his neck. Jack was then instantly cold and could feel his life slowly slipping away. As the mother is laughing, his vision was bluring and then soon black. But then his eyes opened, but not at the horrid home. It was dark and erie and he saw the angel of death walk up to him. The angel lead him down stairs, deep into hell. And for the slightest moment, he had his first smile.

-The End-

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27 Aug, 2011
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