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Dead Love
Dead Love

Dead Love

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His father loved his mother deeply. It was a calamity to this young family that his mother died prematurely and left two little boys. The father loved him so much because his face and way of smiling was so identical to his mothers’ that it always evoked the memory of her. That was the reason he was so spoiled, mischievous, and turned into a disagreeable, bad-tempered man.

However, love is fair to everyone, even to a man like him, love fell….

He beseeched his father to let him marry her as if he knew how to love her. The love remained so twisted that one could say it was deformed. Then when he found out she no longer loves him, he is enraged, he forced her to bear him a baby. Her coldness toward him turned into hate. The result was that the gap between them had widened and it was not what he had intended.

He realized that he must learn to be gentle with her, for her, he would give it a try. However, an evil fate ambushed him and ruined it all, he lost his father in that accident. Then he had his right arm amputated and became disabled. He wanted to see her, and he kept waiting for her.

Then he knew what grudge she bore towards him. He said his final words to his brother, he mumbled, “I want to give her freedom, don’t tell her, I love her.”

He pretended to be asleep to make everyone leave him alone, he took the respirator off. When they found him, there was no warmness over his body.

He used to entangle her with his love. In the end, he gave her freedom with death. “I want to give her freedom….”

Some love stories have been buried,


No one will know

Author Notes: Tell me what you think of this story, so far it's one of my favorites, if not the most!

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16 May, 2019
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