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Freedom or Capitivity
Freedom or Capitivity
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Freedom or Capitivity


Being Free or Being Captive?

Since you have deceived me everything changes.

Change what I really feel towards you.

You have let me feel this commotion what I feel now.

Now I got you back but seem like I'm not happy.

Not happy because I'm being paranoid.

Paranoid of being cheated again I'm totally confused.

Confused of everything, I want you but there are a part of me wants you out of my life.

I want to be free from being captive by your strong sadist love.

Sadistic love drives me total insane.

Insane cause I know this is not right.

Right or wrong I don't know for sure, I'm blinded with only you can understand.

Understand? No never. I never have been. But who cares? That all people think I'm being stupid and martyr.

Martyr is the best word to describe myself. I want to get free but how?

How to avoid you when we live together, when I always see you. When you always in my heart and my soul.

You know I have love you so much that is the main reason you always fool me by your words because you know I love you.

I love you from the day you have kissed me in my forehead but how many other woman has you do that the same but why?

Why if you really love me just like you always tell me why you hurt me? Why you hurt the person who truly loves you so much? Why you always intend to hurt me? And then cry for forgiveness? Just the same cycle, again and again.

I'm getting tired actually, maybe someday at the right time I know what to do...

But for now, let just enjoy what we have now.


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About This Story
25 Jan, 2019
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1 min
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