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Freedom (Part One)
Freedom (Part One)

Freedom (Part One)

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Leana places the final product on the laboratory table. The bright colors clash with the pristine white tables. Leana removes her safety goggles and places them next to the final product, a weapon. This weapon resembled a gun but it had many other little accessories attached to it. First of all, there was a small dagger attached to the top. Its silver blade glistened in the light of the Lab. There was a small screen, about the size of a phone attached to the handle. On top of the screen was a thin black antenna. On the screen, there was an assortment of green, black and red switches. Hidden on the back of the screen was a small golden button. On the side of the weapon, you could see a little compartment that was hidden. Leana pressed the compartment and it released a pooping sound. Leana pressed it again and a roll of leather pop out. This strange piece of leather was around two feet long. Attached to the leather piece were about twenty different miniature vials. They each had an assortment of colors. They ranged from blue and green. Each vial bubbled as it hung there from the opened compartment. Each little colorful bubbly substance had a label on its bottle. Leana through all of them. She almost dropped the weapon when she started to read them. All of the labels had something to do with killing or hurting. Except for one of them. It was labeled freedom. Confused Leana rolled up the leather piece and it's vials and placed it back in the compartment. She shut the compartment door and wiped off her sweaty hands. Leana takes off her gloves and places the weapon in her pocket.

She opens the door to the hallway and makes sure to turn off the light.
She enters a hallway all white, the same white as her lab. She passes by many different doors. Each door is made out of a thick layer of metal and a huge lock. Leana ignores the fact that there are humans being tested in there for nefarious purposes. Her shoes produce an echo every time she takes a step. Leana has always hated walking down these hallways because of the screaming. She always her screaming. She also hears lots of cries for help, but her boss told her to ignore them because they are not important. Leana is terrified by her boss. Her boss is so powerful and never has time for anyone. Leana has never seen her face. She doesn't even know if she is a woman or even a human. Anything is possible here. Her boss could be a cyborg for all she knows. She keeps on walking down the silent hallways. She stops before turning left. This is the hallway with the screaming. Leana takes a deep breath. She turns left. Then she hears" help me help me!" Then a loud shriek. Then the screaming starts. She keeps on walking almost breaking into a run. The screaming stops all of a sudden. She stops in front of a door. Whatever is in there has noticed her. Curiosity has taken over her body she approaches the door and looks through a little peephole. She sees a teenage girl lying on the floor. Her face is pale and wearing a hospital gown. Her hair is a tangled up. She locks eyes with Leana with her bright green emeralds and reaches out or the door. Leana breaks into a run and dashes away from the door.

A woman looks through the little peephole of my door. Her long brown hair tied up in a ponytail sways as she goes on her toes to see through ht peephole. She looks frightened. I reach out to her. She runs away. I scream for her. Tears start to fall on my cheeks as I hear her footsteps fade away. I crawl back into a ball on the floor. When I reach down to lay my head on the padded floor I remember. The black box. The one thing preventing me from laying my head on the ground and the one thing preventing me from standing or walking. I have no idea what this little black box does. The white-coated people placed it and pinned it on my head. I was only semi-conscious. I remember them stabbing me in the arm with a giant needle. The little box is increased with needles. These needles are programmed to stab me until I black out if I try to stand or place my head on the ground. Most of the time I don't even make it to standing because of the pain of being stabbed. The white-coated people that come to feed me every day, told me that the box would keep me safe. How could a box creating pain keep me safe? And keep me safe from what, it's not like I see anyone anyways.

I actually have no idea about anything outside of my cell. I have tried to get up and open the door but the black box stabs me every time I try. I haven't walked in a while. I don't even know if I ever have. Even if I could walk before I would reach the door the white coated people would be here already. They have cameras installed in my cell. I don't remember anything, all I know is that I was stabbed with a needle and then I blacked out and woke up in this cell. I am sad. I don't know what happiness is. All I do all day is sit and stare at a wall. Sometimes I scream. I like to scream. It helps me get my anger out. People are scared of me. The white-coated people always have a gun with them. If I scare them too much or make them uneasy they shoot me. I usually wake up an hour later and don't remember anything. They use it a lot when they want to move me. They always ask me first if I want to go, but I always refuse. I hate them and don't trust them. Then they shoot me and I wake up with a new gadget on my wrist or on my head or even on my chest.

Author Notes: This is actually one of my first stories I have written. I hope this is good or even okay. Please give me feedback. I will try to write more. Thanks, I hope you guys enjoyed.

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18 Mar, 2019
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