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Frenemies. PART 1

Frenemies. PART 1

By Roosie131

Megan and Jaida waited by the high school doors.
"Just think, Meg. Someday WE'LL be freshmans!" Jaida exclaimed.
Megan rolled her eyes. "Yeah, in four years!"
Jaida jumped up and down. "Exactly! Let's make a promise. From this point on, we'll be best friends forever!"
Megan nodded. "Yeah, and lets write it on paper!"
Jaida opened her backpack and fished through it. She handed Megan a sparkly pen and a piece of notebook paper.
Megan started writing:
"Jaida, where will we put this?" Megan asked.
Jaida dug a little hole in the bushes out front of the high school. She stuck the folded promise and stuck it in the hole, which was very deep.
"BFF! BFF!" they sang over and over. Eventually, both of their high school sisters emerged from the building.

Ashley sat down at the lunch table, taking the last open seat. "Hey girlfriend!"
Jaida waved unfocused.
"Jaida!" Ashley shouted.
Jaida tossed her blond curls behind her head, then re-glossed her lips. "What?"
Ashley showed her long nails, colored zebra.
Jaida snorted. "Yeah? Well, zebra isn't the style anymore. Cheetah is." Jaida revealed her cheetah printed nails, which were cut perfectly.
"But-but, you told me to get zebra printed nails! You told me that yesterday!" Ashley cried.
"This manicure costed $500.00!" Ashley snapped.
"I thought you were rich." Jaida looked at her other friends' nails. "Besides, look. I told all of them to get zebra print and they got the memo that it was cheetah now."
Ashley jumped up and stormed out.
"W-O-W!" Jaida's best friend Lizzie mouthed.
Jaida giggled. "IKR!"

* * *
Megan pushed her glasses up again.
"Meggy, I love your skirt! Where'd you get it?" Megan's best friend, Quinn squealed.
"Quinn, we aren't those dumb girls, we're smart girls. So stop acting all hyper." Megan forked her meatloaf and stuffed it in her mouth.
"You mean we're nerds?" Quinn corrected.
Megan looked down. "Yeah."
Quinn glanced at Jaida. "Oh my gawd! Who could even stand her!"
Megan rolled her eyes. "The biggest brat in town. And I mean biggest."
Quinn tilted her head. "Huh?"
"Don't tell anyone, but in elementary school, Jaida was a lard! She was a chub!" Megan whispered.
Quinn covered her mouth to laugh. "Oh my gawd! That's comedy gold!"
Suddenly, Jaida saw them laughing. "BRB Girls."
She strutted over, and re-glossed.
"Uh, hi lard- I mean Jaida." Quinn started to giggle, but stopped.
Jaida squinted at Quinn. "Save it. What were you guys talking about?"
Megan stood up. "Why are you over here? I thought you hated my guts!"
"I wouldn't hate you if you hadn't stole Seth!" Jaida screamed, stamping her high-heeled foot.
Megan sat back down and forked another piece of meatloaf. "He liked me better."
"I can't believe we were ever BFF's!" Jaida whined.
"Best foes forever!" Quinn suggested.
Jaida slapped Megan hard on the face.
Megan rubbed her cheek. "Owie."
Jaida bent down to Megan's level. "And forget that stupid promise-sheet we buried here," she whispered.
Megan dropped her fork, remembering the promise. "We broke the promise."
Jaida grabbed Megan's bracelet and threw it to the ground, then stamped on it. "So what, geek!" and she strutted back laughing.
"Noooooo!" Megan called, falling to the cafetaria floor to pick of the crushed bracelet. A charm was missing.
Quinn gasped. "You guys were friends?!"
"Yeah, a long time ago. We stopped being friends in 8th grade because of the dance. There was a dance and she wanted to take Seth Greenstone, the hottest boy in 8th grade. He moved in the summer but he was a hunk. I asked him out stupidly, trying to pull a prank on her, but she took it seriously. I never liked him but she always thought I did it cuz I wanted to make her mad," Megan explained, slipping the bracelet back on.
"And why is that bracelet so important to you?" Quinn asked.
"My mom gave it to me before she... you know-"
"Died," Quinn finished.
Megan looked to the ground sadly. "Yeah."
Quinn brightened up. "Don't forget that talent show! You'll sing so good there!"
Megan shurgged. "I have really bad stage fright though."
"You"ll do better than Jaida's dancing crew," Quinn pointed out.
Megan smiled. True, Jaida's crew was super good, but she good outrule Jaida in singing. "You're absolutely right." And she got up and ate the rest of her meal.

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20 Dec, 2011
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4 mins
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