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Fresh Snacks

Fresh Snacks

By shyguy2012

He was born in a rural community just outside a small town where his roots runs deep into the southern geology. For this world is a wonderful, fruit and candy store created for all of us to enjoy! The boys often went in the woodland to find food. Literally, why! They were hungry and left the house in search of nuts and berries to eat. Eventually, Spence and his gang all learned to tell the difference between what to eat and not to eat. For example, those kids in the neighborhood ate nuts from Pecan Trees and Muscadines grapes, with Blackberries. The woods exposed them to hidden dangers of being injured but that didn’t stop Sence, Larry, Pence, and Leroy from jumping, climbing, and eating in the boondocks away from home. Where the ground was covered with undergrowth and would conceal reptiles such as the Rattlesnake. They are a group of poisonous snakes. So they spent much energy and time trying to avoid walking up on Rattlesnakes, oftentimes snakes were hard to see for their coloration. Reptiles tend to blend into their natural environment possess brown and rustic colored skin. As a brave boy however, more uncertainty seem to make for better thrill of excitement and several meaningful adventures just “yelling to the top of their voices” like Tarzan on the movies. Listen can you hear the pounding heart beat in the chest of each child’s excitement swung on that vine in nineteen hundred and sixty-two in Lamar County Alabama. Those were the days of hot, humid, sunshine baking and cooking his dark skin and only option were to swing and swing through the air on a huge grapevine. Pence responded, boys can yak see us thirty years from now saying these words to our boys I wish these days would never end and be suspended in time. “The forest came alive” and awaken to the sounds of screaming from poor little old me and the boys. “Little Larpy said, smiling at Pence why don’t we always stay in touch with other.” We had so much fun being around each other. It was interesting what our teacher said about those Muscadines, she even told us who brought them to Alabama. I guess between plants pollination, bees, wasps, and wind we got them in Millport. “What do I know about grapes except to eat them?” Leroy, I can’t believe yak said that… We younglings thought they were ripe because of the color. During our walks through the woods sometimes we came across a huge grape vine between four to six inches in diameter. My neighbor little Larpy took out his pocket knife and cut the vine apart at the bottom where we took turn swinging around the tree where the vine was attached to the top. What on earth do you mean in order to have snacks yak need money? I don’t think so! You come and eat in the woods! Oh, satisfy us early with your mercy that we may rejoice and be glad all our days! ps.90:14
He spoke to me a few words but oh, how powerful they were. Traditionally, he listens when his father taught him how to be a genuine person. Always be ready to share what gifts God has given with other people. As chance would have it, dad was at wits end, he said “Lordy help “ He did.

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7 Mar, 2012
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2 mins
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