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A Fresh Start From My Memories

A Fresh Start From My Memories

By chloeanne - 1 Review

Chapter 1

Awakening to the sound of fresh air through an open window and crisp leaves crunching underfoot on a beautiful autumn morning. Today was the day I would move on, make my life better not just for me but for the little one. It was a hard thing to do, not just move to a whole new city but to move to a whole new country. Despite the fact I knew deep down that I would always be a Manchester girl at heart. Born and raised in the city I love, it would be a hard thing to do for sure but I knew that I would have to at some point or the next.

The trial was finally over. Relief flooded through me when the verdict came back. Thirty seven years. Thirty seven years that I didn’t have to think about that worthless waste of space. What a pointless use of hard working cells; wasting their time on someone like that. Every night I would wish that someone would inject his blood with a lethal dose of Clostridium Botulinum, one of the most deadly and most undetected poisons on this planet. The moment those words fell from the jury representative’s mouth, I felt bitter sweet hysteria. It was the best day I had had in a very long time! That vermin was gone from our life, forever. He would have nothing to do with me anymore. We were free; at long last, we are finally free!

The taxi was booked for half past. I looked at a wall of boxes stacked against the wall waiting for the moving van to take them to our “moving ship” as little Elia says. I didn’t really know what was going through my head, just the feeling of freedom still surfaced the top, and mostly happiness that we could start over, make a new start somewhere new, new faces and new happy memories to make.

Elia was my daughter, almost four years old, and I love her with every fibre of my being. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. She’s still young so she won’t have much recollection of what he did, what happened to us. But I’m glad it’s the best thing for her, I’m sure that when she’s older, I will have to sit down and tell her about her past, but until that day, we will be enjoying a safe and free life, without any complications.

However, the nightmares still haunt me leaving me screaming at night. I wake up dripping in my cold sweat, taking me a few minutes to realise I was crying, I take the glass next to my bed and take a large gulp of water with a an equally large sleeping pill to go with it. Whilst I wait for the chemicals to digest and start working, I’m sat bolt upright, head still pounding and flashes of memories rising through my head. The soft flowing of fearful tears move swiftly down my face but I don’t move, I let them fall to the side of my face and on to my silk sheeted pillows.

Just memory of him… just thinking about his name made my blood boil and a tear brought to my eye. The way he would to touch me, look at me even. I thought I had finally, finally found someone who would love us, and look after us. How wrong can someone be?

I would start to close my eyes as the drugs began to take over, and the image of him strapping me to the old rusted chair. He was playing with my hair and my back, he wouldn’t stop pulling, my neck was fully exposed I thought he would finally do it, get it over and done with, but he didn’t. I looked down at my chest. Covered in bruises. Blood oozing from an open wound in my abdomen, dark red slowly trickled out. I looked to my left hoping he would let us go but I was wrong. He was just getting started. He moved down to my ear and in a whisper said “Do you smell that?” He paused for a second then continued. “That is the smell of your fear. It’s a luxury I hold dear.” When he said this it sent a shiver down my back and my hairs where on end. That sick vermin looked at me again. He couldn’t wipe that smug smile off his face. I thought he couldn’t torture me anymore but I was wrong. Instead he let go, but what he did next was so much worse.

Elia was on the chair next to me. He moved over and towards her. Picked her up, and placed her on the floor. He had sedated her with clonazepam. She lay motionless on the floor. All her limbs were limp and she gave no movement. She was out cold. I couldn’t watch, I couldn’t look at my black and blue daughter. I wanted to scream out for help but I couldn’t. My throat was so dry I couldn’t speak. As if my body couldn’t function properly, I just sat there. Unable to do anything. I just froze. Speechless.

I closed my eyes fully. I can still hear it. The malevolent hiss of his zip slowly coming undone still lingered in my ears. Will i ever truley be free form my past?

Author Notes: Chapter 2 coming soon

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8 Feb, 2017
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