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friday the 13th

friday the 13th

By darcy123

many pepole say that ghosts,demons,polterguese, are not real but are they true?

lucy was 5 years old at the time when her mother passed away in a car crash! so now she is seven now i will tell the story of her life and the way her death followed and stalked people!!!!

her dad was going out to the garage when she heard the sound of funeral spin around her head like a erry goround.she then heard her mum had died on the way to work it was a hard time for lucy.

then it all went queite and there was a silents when she heard talking she turned around and who was to be standing there. it was her it was her mother standing in the door way her shallow pale skin touching lucys white shivering face.lucy felt a cold shiver sprint across her spine of her back.

her mom told her 3 words them words were very important to her indeed.them words were "dont go out "!!!

why would her own mom say that though well that was the mystery.ever sice then that time of the day her farther never came back. she was all alone and she only had one memory of her parents witch was one red cherry witch she had stuck in her sweaty hands she through it out of the window and faded away and that was the story of lucy

please give a rating of my story and the rating will go towards people in the same situation

Author Notes: thanks for listening hope you enjoyed it xxxx

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13 Jun, 2013
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