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By Meowmix3312

You brought me sunshine
When I saw rain
You brought me laughter 
When I felt pain.

NO.....I'm not talking about boys or ANYTHING :)
Im talking about my friends. I love you guys like the poem says "You brought me sunshine when I saw rain" Its all TRUE!!!!! My friends make me laugh and I can't believe how much I love them! They are my life! My friends you can never change to be your SLAVE!! They are who they are nobody else that is why I love them they don't change no matter what! I love you Guys and I would say that for the rest of my life if I could!!! Shout out to Kylie, Laurenzo(Lauren:P). Maddy.T, Gavin. John, Will, Jack.M, Jack.H, Nicole and Clara! You guys make my life happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might  show this to my friends I know I will Maddy.T you have been my BFF since 3rd grade!!!! Kylie you are the BFF I always wanted at tennis You stand up for me in any situation and I would do the same for you!!! Love you as a friend! Gavin you are the BEST GBFF(GUY BEST FRIEND FOREVER) You are goofy and make me laugh in every way... I love that I have you as my GBFF! John and Will I met you at tennis and I hope will will be friends for a long time!!! AND the rest of you NEVER CHANGE you guys are the best people a girl could wish for

Author Notes: No matter who your friends are don't change for them the ones that don't want you to change are the friends you should keep forever!!! Thx for reading this!!!

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1 Aug, 2015
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