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My first memory is of you hopping to see over the bag I was in and then mum's smile as she lifted me out and gave me to you. From there we became best friends. Where ever you went then so did I. All your favourite films, music, reading stories under the covers, imaginary dragon fights that only we could see. You told me all your secrets, things that nobody else knew, not even mum or dad. Then at night I stood at the end of your bed and faught away all the monsters that so tried to take you from me. When you were scared you sat up and braught me under your cover and you'd whisper your monster words and beg me to protect you. You hugged me and loved me when you were full of tears.

Over the years you hugged me less and less, and I understand, you're a big boy now and I'm just another part of childhood. I still fight off all of the monsters and keep the darkness off of you from my place in the cupboard.

Then you began to change. You smiled less and less, your eyes shone less and less and over time your hair became all patchy, just like mine. I hated watching it, you couldn't eve get out of bed on your own anymore. I could have cried the day you picked me up and braught me back to your bed and when you were taken to hospital you wouldn't let me go. You cried and so did mum. "please don't leave me alone down there." That was what struck down my pride and made me realize that you didn't have long left. You coughed that terrible cough, faught for every painful second as this monster struck its final cruel blow. The nurse knocked me off of the bed in her despirate attempt to slow the effects. I wanted to scream in agony and terror when I saw my best friend fading and I had no strength left in me to reach for your hand. The last thing I remember is you reaching out for me.

Mum put me back in your arms the day they buried you and she whispered that you'd never be alone again. She couldn't help but weep.

I'm so sorry Felix, I've failed and let that monster win. My best friend Felix, My dear best friend Felix, I'm sorry.

I'm on my way. please forgive me.

Author Notes: Please feel free to review this story.
Sincerely Jess.
Ps. Merry Christmas

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22 Dec, 2017
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2 mins
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