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Friends Are They a Thing Anymore
Friends Are They a Thing Anymore
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Friends Are They a Thing Anymore


Friends are they worth it ? friends come a go through out your life, you never knew if you will keep being friends or they just forget about you.

When your down do they really notice your pain ? if so why is it that they rarely ask me whats wrong, i understand that i say i'm fine a lot but i have leaned when i say im fine it really don't mean that im fine it just means im really sad.

Maybe if they were proper friends i would open up more to them but i always get friends that are fake friends they never really care about me.

Loyalty - Most of my friends friends lack loyalty, their is loyalty to a point because they will always be my friend but they can never tell that im sad,

Maybe i should be alone cause most of the time i am alone at parties i may go but also if it happens at my house i hide i don't socialize, I try to be social but i just cant i hate people people have hurt me maybe because I've been bullied all through my school life.

People see me alone and don't ask if im ok maybe its because i sociably awkward to talk to but i just wish i had friend i could talk about all my problems,

Im waiting for that friend to just come but it never does

Author Notes: These are my feeling towards friends and its fine if you have a different view on this :)


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12 Feb, 2020
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